How to make conference table cards in batches

Uploaded time: February 23, 2022 Difficulty Beginner

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How to make conference table cards in batches

How to make conference table cards in batches

Making conference table cards is a necessary skill for civilian staff. Today we will learn about how to make double-sides conference tables.

Step 1. Create a single table.

To make the table more exquisite, we have inserted a two-column, one-row table and a background image into the document in advance.

However, in case that there are a large number of participants, it's a waste of time to modify the tables one by one. In this case, we can use the method of Mail Merge to quickly generate table cards in batches.

Here are the specific steps.

1. Create a name list in Excel.

2. Import the list to Word

Click the References and Mail Merge buttons, then the Open Data Source drop-down button. Select the Open Data Source button, find the Excel list created in advance, and import it into Word.

3. Insert merge fields.

Click the Insert Merge Field button to pop up the dialog box, in which you choose to insert Database fields.

Select the newly imported Excel list, and click Insert to insert the merge fields.

4. Merge.

Have you learned how we can create conference tables?