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How to make elegant charts in WPS Writer

Uploaded time: February 11, 2022 Difficulty Beginner

How to make elegant charts in WPS Writer

How to make elegant charts in WPS Writer

Plain charts in a word file may fail to attract viewers. Subscribe to WPS Template membership, and you will be free to download beautiful charts from the vast library of charts to enhance the design and appeal of your charts.  

Click the Insert tab, click the Chart library button, and you are provided with diverse chart types like Column, Line, Pie, etc.

You can choose a preferred type, and on the detail page, choose the desired chart to insert into the document quickly.

If we need to get the appropriate chart quickly, we can enter the related keywords in the Search Chart box to navigate to it.

The charts used before are automatically saved in My Folders,  and we can click My folders to check them.

Having added desired chart styles, we input needed data in the chart.

1. Select the chart, click the Chart Tool tab, and click the Edit Data button to pop up a new WPS Spreadsheet.

2. Then we input the needed data intothe sheet. If there is too much data, remember to cover all data with the blue and purple boxes to display all the data onto the chart.

3. Finally, click the Save button in the upper left corner and the data is added.

4. If we want to change other chart styles, select the chart to enter Chart library again and choose the desired style.

5. In addition, click Insert and click Chart, and we can also find the same professional chart styles to apply quickly.

Tips: the Chart library function is only available in WPS Office of the latest version. If you cannot find this function in WPS Writer, you can update the software to the latest version as follows:

1. Click WPS Office in the upper left corner to enter the home page, click the Global Settings button.

2. Then click About WPS Office.

3. In the pop-up dialog, click Check Update to update online.

What a practical trick to beautify the chart. Did you get it?

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