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How to make text vertical in Excel?

August 1, 2022

Being able to make text vertical in Excel can be very useful. Do you have lists of information that you need to fit in a spreadsheet? Are you tired of having to scroll down the page to view more details? Would you like the ability to type out lists on a single line so that they take up less space on the page while still being easily readable?

In some worksheets, it is required to display texts like a report or a column vertically. This is because of security reasons, tabular forms, etc. For this purpose, we can use the Vertical Alignment feature of Excel, which helps us rotate the cells/text from Horizontal Type to Vertical Type. This tutorial will show you how to make text vertical in Excel. It's helpful when you want to present your data abruptly.

Tips that are provided in this article are compatible with versions 2010/2013/2016.

How To Make Text Vertical In Excel-Using Transpose Function?

The transpose function changes the rows of your data into columns and vice versa. You can use this function to change the orientation of your data from horizontal to vertical.

1. To use this function, enter =TRANSPOSE(A1:A10) into a blank cell. Here A1:A10 represents the range of cells that contain text in rows.

2. If you want to change only some cells, click on the cell you wish to affect and drag the cursor across the range of cells you want to transpose. The result will be shown in another cell at the same position as where you pulled your cursor from.

Let’s try this as an example.

As you can see, it has converted horizontal text into vertical; now you know how to make text vertical in Excel.

How To Make Text Vertical In Excel- Cell Formatting method?

In Excel, you can change the orientation of a cell to vertical.

1. Select the cell that you want to have vertical text.

2 .Go to Format>Cell>Alignment tab.

3. Click the Vertical Alignment icon in the Text section and choose Vertical text.

After this, you will see that your text will get converted to vertical form; now, you know how to make text vertical in Excel.

How To Make Text Vertical In Excel- Rotate Text Down?

Data entry is a common task in Excel. Data is entered using various methods: typing, copying, pasting, importing from external sources or scanning handwritten forms. Sometimes, you may have to rotate text so it can be entered into the worksheet correctly. The Rotate Text Down tool can help you do this quickly and efficiently.

1.The Rotate Text Down tool can only be accessed through the Home tab on the ribbon menu. Select the Rotate Text Down option, and your text will be rotated.

2.The result you can see in the following.

Now you know how to make text vertical in Excel.

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