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How to printing on black paper word ?

June 15, 2022

Not all types of prints are white with black letters. Many of them require specialized designs that will help to have a better image of what you want to show. For this reason, it is necessary to know how to printing on black paper word, being a simple task present in known versions of Word and WPS Office documents,

The processes you must follow to have accurate and flawless printing on black paper are really simple, but you cannot forget any configuration details. Read on to learn more about everything you need to do in the program to get accurate results.

How to printing on black paper word 2013?

  1. Click Design. 

  1. Select the Page Color option.


  1. You will have the display of the color palette, and you will take in black. If you're using another color that isn't in the palette, you can tap More Colors.


  1. Tap File.


  1. Select Print.


  1. Check the printer configuration specifications and the document format.


  1. Review the Preview and after making sure everything is in order with the number of prints, click Print.

How to have the original program were you then printing on black paper word a document?

  1. After making the impressions, go to Design.

  1. Tap Page Color.

  1. Select among the white color levels the lightest next to the black color. You can also select the No Color option to make the selection easier.

  1. If you want to highlight text in any of the formats (black or white), you only have to shade the text and press the Bold option. It will automatically be highlighted in the color of the letter, whether white or black.


How to make a printing on black paper word on Mac on color copies?

  1. Click Print Document to open the print dialog in Word Preview.

  1. Select the drop-down menu, click Copies and Pages and click from there Xerox Features.

Note: If you don't see Xerox Features, but you do see Printer Features, see the alternative instructions at the bottom of the dialog.

  1. Under Xerox Features, tap Xerox Black & White and tap Off (Use Document Color). Other printing and stapling settings can adjust in the menu.

  1. Save your changes as presets by tapping Presets and selecting Save current settings as preset.

  1. In the new dialog box, set preset color and mark Preset available for this printer only. Click OK and save the setting for future printing.

In this way, you will have managed to have a quality printing on black paper word 2016, and you will not be left alone in your expectations of the final result. If you want another color, you can choose another one from the color palette and give the touch you need, but take care of all the configuration elements to do it.

In addition to the above operations, you can also use one more operation way simple, download WPS Office, to get a more relaxed office experience and nice.

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