How to search for text in Excel

August 1, 2022

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Searching for text in Excel can be a great way to find out the exact word or phrase that you're looking for. It's also a great way to search for data in an organized way, which is helpful when you want to compare two sets of data, or when you need to make sure that the same information appears in multiple places in your document.

You need to search for text in excel because you want to find a specific word or phrase in a document. This is a very commonly used feature in excel because sometimes sheets are very long and it is hard to scroll down and find something you are looking for, that is why we need an easier way to find the word we are looking for. The Find tool in Excel is the easiest way to do this in WPS Excel.

The methods discussed are compatible with 2016/2019/mac/online.

CTRL+F Method

1. The easiest way to search for text on excel is the widely known ‘Ctrl+F’ method.

2. Open WPS excel file that has a lot of data, and you wish to find a word in.

3. If you wish to find the word ‘no’ for example without scrolling and the tedious work, just press Ctrl and F key on your keyboard together. This will open up a search box. Type in the word you wish to find in the spreadsheet.

4. Press enter. Excel will direct you towards the cell where ‘no’ is written.

Opening Find Window From Home Menu

1. In the main menu, the Home option lets you use a variety of tools. A ‘Find and Replace’ option is also available.

2. In the drop down menu, click on ‘Find’. The Find pop-menu will appear. Type in the text you want to search for and press enter to see result. You can also click on the ‘find next’ to find a new text cell.

The SEARCH And FIND Function

These allow you to find the position of a certain letter or word in a sentence.

1. Select a target cell and type ‘=SEARCH’ or ‘=FIND’. Both of them work in the exact same way, with the same contents in the argument.

2. Type the letter or word you wish to find inside “ ” and then after a comma (,) type in the reference number of the cell where to wish to find. You can also type in multiple cells or drag through a range of cells.

3. The result is number that indicates the position of the letter or the beginning of the word, counted including the spaces.

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