How to set small caps in WPS Writer

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How to set small caps in WPS Writer

How to set small caps in WPS Writer

The small caps are  special characters that appear in uppercase but  are smaller in size.

The use of all-caps is commonly used to improve the readability of the articles.

You can achieve this with easy steps. First, click Edit.

Open the toolbar,select the paragraph where Small Caps needs to be set. Select Small Caps at the bottom of the Home tab. Then, all lowercase letters are in uppercase.

Note: If the selected texts are in uppercase, then they cannot shrink in size.

For example, select the uppercase characters, then clickSmall Caps. You will find the format of the text remains the same.

We can check the before-and-after contrast effect after setting.

It is clear that smaller caps function improves the concentration.

Besides, we can turn the text into all-caps with one click.

Select the text, click All Caps next to Small Caps.

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