How to set the text outline in WPS Presentation

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How to set the text outline in WPS Presentation

How to set the text outline in WPS Presentation

When creating slides with WPS Presentation, adding outlines to the specific text can beautify the text and make the presentation file look more professional. So, how can we add the text outline?

Select the text, click the Text Tools tab, and click the Text Outline drop-down button. Here, we can set the Colors,WeightDashes of the Text Outline with just one click.001.gif

If we want to further set the Text Outline, we can click the More Text Outline button. Then, the Object Formatting task pane will pop up on the right side of the screen. Here, we can set the Solid line and Gradient line.002.gif

Click Solid line, then we can select the style of lines. Here, WPS Office provides us with a variety of Preset lines. We can also click Compound type and Dash type to set them up.003.gif

In addition, we can also adjust the Color, Transparency and Width of the outline. 004.gif

If we want to adjust the text outline to be smoother or more angular, we can set the Cap type and Join type.005.gif

We can also set the gradient effects on the text outline. Click Gradient line, and then we can adjust theGradient style, Angle, Color, Brightness and so on.

In this way, the Gradient line is set up.006.gif

All above is about the knowledge of text outline. Did you get it?

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