How to set the view effect of WPS Presentation

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How to set the view effect of WPS Presentation

How to set the view effect of WPS Presentation

When using WPS Presentation, we can set the view effect according to our personal preferences and habits.

Click Menu and choose Options.

In the popup dialog, click View.

In this interface, we can set up Show, Thumbnail and outline position, Slide show and Ribbon options.001.gif

In the Show area, we can check the elements that need to be displayed, such as Startup task window, Status bar, Vertical ruler and so on. Then, click OK to change the view settings.002.gif

In addition, we can also check Show Mini Toolbar on Selection and Show Mini Toolbar on right click. In this way, when we select the text that we want to edit, a floating toolbar appears at the top right of the selected text. Select the text and click the right mouse button. The floating toolbar will appear in the upper right corner.003.gif

In the Thumbnail and outline position area, the default location is Left of slide in the system. We can also click Right of slide.004.gif

In the Slide show area, we can check Prompt to keep ink when exiting, Show menu on right mouse click and End with black slide.005.gif

In the Ribbon options box, we can also choose Double click tab to hide ribbon. When we double-click on the main tab, we can hide the ribbon below it.After checking, click the OK button below to apply it to the software.006.gif

You will be the amazing reporter with WPS Presentation, which could be an alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint.