How to split sheets by content

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How to split sheets by content

How to split sheets by content

When you want to split the content based on the specific categories in the sheet, are you still disassembling and reorganizing the content one by one? The Split Sheet feature can help you.

Take this sheet as an example. If we want to split this sheet into three sheets based on class 1, class 2 and class 3, what should we do? We just need to click the Home tab and click Worksheet, then click the Split Sheet option, finally choose Split Sheets By Content.01.gif

In the Split area box, we can choose the areawe need to split in the sheet. We can check Has title according to whether the actual reference area contains titles.

In the Split basis box, we can choose the basis for splitting the sheet. Because we want to split the summary table into three sheets by class, we select Class(Column C) in this box.02.gif

Finally, we can choose Different new file or Different new sheets. When we finish settings, click Start to split the sheet.03.gif

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