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How to start a presentation in Chinese?

June 14, 2022

It's time for you to learn how to make a Powerpoint presentation, not in a traditional way, but another language. You may need to make a PowerPoint presentation in Chinese for your language school, but you can't find how to do it. If that is your case, you should prepare to know how to make a powerpoint presentation templates easily and safely.

However, for you to make the file, you will have to know how to use a power point presentation template and give it detail. It is good that you know the following methods to achieve a flawless Powerpoint presentation:

How to change the language of the text in PowerPoint?

Before you proceed with the powerpoint presentation download, it is only fair that you learn how to make the slides with your hands. To do this, you must do the following:

1.  Open the new document in PowerPoint.

2.  Go to the bottom of the software and click on the language option in the left area. You can also go to the review tab, then language, and click on set test language.

3.  In the language box, several options will appear. You have to click on Chinese. Save the changes.

How to change the language of the menu and presentation in PowerPoint?

If you are looking for another method of changing the language to apply it in your Powerpoint presentation, you could do the following:

1.  Open a new document in PowerPoint and go to the File tab.

2.  Click on options located on the left.

3.  Select language.

4.  In the displayed box, you must search for the desired language and click on ok to save changes.

How to set the Chinese language for your next PowerPoint presentations?

If you want to add Chinese presentation phrases for your future slides, you may want to set the language permanently. For you to have a permanent Chinese presentation background in PowerPoint, you will need to apply the following method:

1.  Again, open the document in PowerPoint from your Windows or Mac computer.

2.  Go to the File tab.

3.  Then access options on the menu's left side.

4.   Go to the language box

5.  Click on install additional display languages from office.com. Search for the desired language and save the changes.

If you want to organize a new Powerpoint presentation in the Chinese language, no doubt one of these methods will work for you. It is good that you take your time to apply each of the methods explained previously and have good results.

If all the content on how to add a new language to your Powerpoint presentation has been useful to you, do not forget to follow WPS Academy. You could have a china presentations discount code and other informative guides for PowerPoint, Excel, and Word on the website. You will also have the opportunity to download the WPS Office software for free and enjoy its smooth operation.

Knowing PowerPoint or other office software will help you stand out in your work. You should not fear these programs but rather face them and try to understand them. Eventually, you will become quite an expert in PowerPoint, and all your friends will ask you for advice on how to use it correctly.

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