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How to use autofit in excel (2 Easy Methods)

July 28, 2022

Among the program's main functions, it is important to know how to use autofit in excel, especially if you work with data that can be very extensive for a cell of simple size. They are not too complicated functions, but it is important to know the steps to apply them correctly.

You can be a specialist in how to use autofit in excel with them from the rows, the columns, or an entire spreadsheet. Thanks to this, any limitation can eliminate during the use of the program's tools in all its versions.

How to use autofit in excel for the width of a column?

To know how to use autofit in excel 2016, it is necessary to consider that the default width is 64 pixels in the columns. If you want to modify, you have to apply these steps:

Enter the spreadsheet, and drag the right edge of the column header you want to modify.

Double click on the column header's right edge for automatic column width adjustment.

For multi-column wrapping, you must select all those columns by clicking and dragging the shading over all their headers. If you want to select non-adjacent columns, hold down the CTRL key while clicking on the column headers.

Double-click on the right edge of one of the shaded column headers.

To change the width of all the columns, you must select all the columns by clicking on Select all.

Next, change the width of the column, thus seeing the results in each one.

How to use autofit in excel for row height adjustment?

The tools to know how to use autofit in excel 2019 previously seen are also functional to change the height of rows, having to complete the following steps to achieve it:

Select multiple rows by clicking and dragging on the headings you want to choose.

In the Home option, go to the Cells tab and select Format.

Click AutoFit Row Height.

After that, you will see the final result in the cell according to the selected size.

How to use autofit in excel for a complete worksheet?

This function of how to use autofit in excel online is also functional for those who want to know how to use autofit in excel mac, or windows. Although in both cases, some different elements are applied, it can be done in both operating systems, taking into account the following steps to achieve it:

Open the spreadsheet and click the worksheet you want to apply the function to at the bottom.

Select the entire worksheet by clicking the Select All icon in the upper left corner of the spreadsheet. Alternatively, press Ctrl+A for Windows or Command+A on Mac.

With the worksheet fully selected, press Start in the options at the top.

In the Home section, click Cells and click Format.

Suppose you want to change the size of the columns in Format, select AutoFit Column Width. For resizing in all rows, select AutoFit Row Height. With this, you will be able to see the immediate result in the spreadsheet that is being modified.

These three ways to know how to use autofit in excel are easy to apply and learn, so you can be sure that the cell texts will be easily seen after adjustment. You can take the most convenient size and thus have preferred use of the content without its visibility being a problem.

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