How to Add Total Row in Excel (3 Easy Methods)

July 22, 2022

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If you want to learn how to add a total row in excel, you should know that you will first need to create a table with the data. A total row in Excel will give you a quick overview of different columns in a table.

Here are 3 primary methods you can use to learn how to add total row in excel.

How to add total row in excel using the table design tab?

To learn how to add total row in excel 2016 using the table layout, you will need to perform the following steps:

1. As mentioned above, you must first create a table with your data to insert an entire row. To create the table, select your data and then go to Insert> Table.

2. After that, a Create table box will appear. If you notice that the range matches the range of your dataset and My table has the header is checked, you can click OK.

3. Now, your data will be displayed as a table.

4. Once you have created your table, you can easily add the total row to the table. Then you need to go to the Table Layout tab and check Total Row.

5. To continue the process of how to add total row in excel 2019, you will need to check the total row. You will notice that a new row called Totals has been created at the bottom of your table. You should know that by default, the sum of the last column will be displayed.

6. Now, you can get different types of information from the totals row. For example, if you want to know the unit price per Kg of all the items on your list, you can perform the calculation. You have to select the cell of the total row in the unit prices per Kg column, which will look like a small downward arrow. If you click on the said arrow, you will be able to see the list of calculations that you can perform with the total row.

7. Also, by clicking More Features, you can apply other features. But to know the total unit price, you will need to calculate the Average unit price from the drop down list.

After selecting Average, you can get the average of the Unit Price per Kg column in the total row.

How to add total row in excel using the keyboard shortcut?

The procedure of how to add total row in excel mac by keyboard shortcut is simple and fast. After creating the table, you can use the keyboard shortcut to insert an entire row.

1. Create a table, select any cell in the table, and press Ctrl + Shift +T. The total row will be added to the end of the table.

How to add a total row in excel by adding a row and a formula?

Another method of how to add total row in excel online is to add a row, use the SUM formula, and copy it.

1. You can quickly add a row to the bottom of your table by going to the last cell of the first column and typing. You can type the words Totals and then press Enter it will create the new row in the table automatically.

2. You will need to select the cell to the right to insert your first total. You need to go to the Home tab and then click on Sum in the Edit Ribbon section.

3. When you have the first column total, you can copy that formula to the other cells. Select the cell with the SUM formula, place the cursor in the lower right corner to display the fill handle, and then drag it to the remaining cells in that total row.

4. Done! If you wish, format your total row so it can be highlighted.

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