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How to use excel to make a graph

August 3, 2022

The use of graphs have been widely appreciated especially by visual learners because it interprets the data more clearly and vividly. The graphs aids in analysis and organizing of data in a more structured manner. The graph is a combination of two or more values or table of values and it shows how they intersect with each other. Now that you kno what is the use of graph, this article will illustrate how to use excel to make a graph.

The example will consists of two values at a beginner level. One is values of temperature and the other are values related to amount of glucose sample. It is required to represent these date into more visual appealing. This can be done with the help of graph in excel and after reading complete article how will then know exactly how to use excel to make a graph.

1. Open the file you wish to apply graph to. This example is in basic tabular format.

2. Click on anywhere except the table for this example, and the click the Insert tab. The functions under this tab are mentioned in the ribbon.

3. Click on Insert (X Y) Scatter Chart. A drop down list appears.

4. Click on Scatter with Smooth Lines and Markers.

5. Once you click it, the chart appears with a blank sheet. This is becuase no data is linked to this chart.

6.  Bring your cursor within the blank sheet and right click your mouse. A drop down box appears.

7. Click on Select Data option.

8. A dialogue box appears with multiple options.

9. Click arrow right next to the Chart Data Range.

10. Now select from cell A1 to B7.

11. Click Enter key, the cell range is reference in the field box.

12. Click Ok. The blank chart is now showing values represented by smooth curved lines and dot marks.

13. If you want to edit chart formatting, click the chart. A menu appears at the right side of the chart.

14. Click on the first option.

15. The drop down list appears with multiple options selected.

16. To remove axis with values, you can unched Axis option.

17. To remove the title of the chart, uncheck the Chart Title.

18. To remove horizontal gridlines, you can uncheck Gridlines option.

19. To remove legend name at the bottom, uncheck the Legend option.

20. You can also click the arrow at the right most corner when hover over any option to edit the chart with more options under this tab.

So this is how to use excel to make a graph in simple terms. Offcourse there are various other details to know but in basic form, following this guideline will help you to create the most basic graph for any given values.

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