How to use the document comparison function

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How to use the document comparison function

How to use the document comparison function

How to use the document comparison function

After modifying the document, we can compare it with the original document and generate the revised document if we want to view the modification trace. Next, I will show you how to use the comparison function through a case.


Take Document 2 as an example. Click the Review tab and the Compare drop-down button, and choose Compare. Then, a dialog box will pop up.

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In the Original document box, select Document 1. In the Revised document box, select Document 2. In the Label changes with box on the right, we can modify the annotator's name.

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Click the More button in the lower-left corner, and we can set the comparison content in the Comparison settings. Here, we check all options.

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In Show changes, choose Show changes at as Word level, which means that the content displayed for the revision contains only words, not symbols.

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In Show changes in, we can set the location of the comparison document. We choose New document here.

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After setting, click the OK button to create a new comparison document. The left side of the document is the comparison document, the upper right is the original document, Document 1, and the lower right is Document 2.

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Click the Compare drop-down button and choose Show Source Documents, then we can choose to show or hide the original document and the revised document according to our needs.

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