How to use the MID function in WPS Spreadsheet

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How to use the MID function in WPS Spreadsheet

How to use the MID function in WPS Spreadsheet

How to use the MID function in WPS Spreadsheet

When using WPS Spreadsheets to process data, sometimes we need to catch part of the data from a series of numbers. We can use the MID formula to realize it, to catch up a certain length of characters from a series of numbers.


In this example, there is a list of phone numbers. The MID function can extract the long series of numbers, keeping the last seven numbers when removing the first three characters. Select cell D2 and click the Insert Function to pop up the Search for a function dialog. Choose the MID formula in the dialog, and click OK to insert the MID formula in the target cell. Then, we can see the Function Arguments dialog.

MID (1).gif

There are three arguments in the MID formula, Text, Start_num, and Num_chars.

MID (2).gif

Start_num means the cell range for text extraction. In this example, we select B2:B16, which records the data of Phone Numbers.

MID (3).gif 

Start_num refers to the beginning position of the first character to be caught. Since we are supposed to extract the last seven numbers for each cell, which counts as 5 characters in total, enter the number 5 in the Start_num input box.

MID (4).gif 

The argument Num_chars stands for the length of text contents that we want to extract. In this example, the amount of characters (including the symbol minus -) is eight in total. Therefore, we need to enter the number 8 into the Num_chars input box. Click OK to finish.

MID (5).gif

Place the cursor at the bottom-right corner of cell D2 until the symbol + presents. Drag it to auto-fill the rest of the target cells.

MID (6).gif

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