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How to use the screen recording function

August 16, 2022

WPS Office has a built-in Screen Recording feature. Open WPS Office, click Apps >Screen Recorder to enjoy a very powerful screen recording function. By doing so, no further recording apps on your computer are necessary.

Basic Setting

Screen Recording provides a variety of recording modes for users to choose from.

Beyond the default,Record Screen, Record Window, Record Sound and Record Webcam are also available.

Next, I will take Record Screen as an example to demonstrate:

Step one, As the name suggests, we can select Full Screen, Select Region and Fixed Region as required.Click Select Region, we can drag and drop the appropriate region manually. We can also approach the window to be recorded with the cursor. The system will intelligently identify the size of the window and quickly generate a suitable recording region.

Step two, click the speaker icon to choose whether to record sound. System Sound  and Record without Audio are all available.Click Settings, then you can adjust the sound and set Noise cancellation or Audio boost.


Step three, in the upper right corner of the interface, you can enter the setting interface and make settings according to your own needs, Output folder, Output format, Hotkeys are all available to set.

Diversified recording functions

After setting, click REC to start recording.

At this time, a shortcut bar will appear in the lower right corner, where a variety of functions can be put to good use for different scenarios.

Beyond the basic Pause, Stop, and Recording Duration, we can also click Spotlightand Zoom inso that the viewer's attention can be more focused on the recorded area.

At the same time, taking screenshots during the recording process is also possible.

Suppose you are an educator and often need to record online courses, then you will fall in love with the Annotate function.

It provides a variety of marking tools, such as Highlight,Arrow, and Rectangle .

If you need a writing board during the explanation, you can click Whiteboard to temporarily switch the screen to a whiteboard. Thus writing will not be a problem at all.

If you need to clear the marked content on the page, just click clean.


Video file management

When the screen recording is finished, the video will be added to the video list automatically.

Right-click the video file, and we can play, edit, compress, delete, and rename them.

Click Edit, we can adjust the video length , set the playback speed , or add a personal watermark .

Finally, click Export to save the edited file.


Auto Stop and Task Scheduler

It goes far beyond the mentioned functions.

In addition to manually turning on the screen recording, we can also start to record whenever we like.

For example, if we are fans of a Youtuber, but it happens that we miss their live broadcast.

We can click Task Scheduler and New Task to catch up with these great clips.

Here we can set the Start Time, the Duration or the Stop Time.

The set of recording area and audio input are also available to set.

You can even set the computer to cut down when recording is completed automatically to save power.Finally, click OK.The system will automatically start to record your computer desktop by the time you set it.

Similar steps can be applied to the End Time, click Auto stop.

Two options can be chosen. You can choose to stop recording automatically when the recording is finished.

Or to set the file size so when it exceeds the set size, the screen recording will automatically stop.

Auto Split of Videos

In some exceptional cases, we may need to record the screen for a long time. For those who use Auto Split  to do video clips for large files won't be a problem at all.

Click Auto split and check Auto split the recording file. You can cut the recorded file into several files according to the set time or cut it according to the file size.

WPS's built-in screen recording software is very powerful, which canmeet the needs of various users in different scenarios. Come and have a try.

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