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LaTeX Formulas

September 7, 2022

Researchers and science students must face various complex mathematical and chemical formulas every day. Is there a better way to do this than typing them manually in Word?  Today we will introduce how to use LaTeX Formulas in WPS and write the most beautiful formulas.

LaTeX Formulas in WPS has the following advantages

1. It can make beautiful typesetting of formulas, which is loved by the majority of scientific scholars and code programmers

2. It can generate graphical formulas and saves them in formats such as gif, png, jpg, BMP, etc.

3. It can generate formula code embedded in HTML websites, forums, or blogs, which is convenient for display and dissemination

Operation path: Open a blank Word document, click the “Insert” tab > “LaTeX,” and the LaTeX Formulas editing box will pop up. 

If you are proficient in the LaTeX code language, you can enter the formula code directly into the text box in the upper left corner. You can see an instant preview of the effect at the bottom. This Preview makes it easy to make code changes.

If you are not good at writing code, WPS also provides users with varieties of built-in formulas. By clicking on the “Commonly Symbols” and Formulas tab, you can find different kinds of academic symbols and formulas to meet your different needs.

Here I will demonstrate the procedure with Trigonometric Function Formula as an example:

On the right side of the LaTeX Formulas editing box, click Commonly Symbols>Formulas, select tan, and click Greek Letters to select α(alpha)

Then enter = (equals sign) in the text box

Next, enter ”\frac“ which represents a fraction in LaTeX code.

Enter” { ,“

click sin and α in turn, and then type }.

Continue to enter “{ ,”

click “cos” and α in turn, and finally, enter  }.

Check the preview effect, and finally click Insert, so that the Trigonometric Function Formula is inserted into the document as an image.

Click on the formula image, you can adjust the Wrap way in the right shortcut menu to align the formula image with the text.

Double-click on the formula to go back to the editing box, where you can re-edit or modify the code.Of course, you can achieve better results by mastering the basics of LaTeX code and using it together with the LaTeX editor of WPS!  Have you learned everything? 

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