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How to write formulas with text in excel

August 1, 2022

Excel is a tremendous device to research and preparing information. Sometimes we want to apply a whole lot of formulation in Excel. By default, Excel only suggests the formula values within the cell. So, sometimes it may get really hard to understand what is going on, only by looking at the formula values. But adding extra textual content lines illustrating the formulation values can be beneficial for all the report readers in this regard, you will learn to add text and formulas in the same cell in Excel throughout the article.

How to add formula with text in the Same Cell?

We can merge the descriptive texts and formulas to make those numbers more readable. Following are the steps to add both the text and formula in the same cell in Excel.

=B5&'s monthly saving is: &C5-D5

1.   Type the following formula in the selected cell and hit the ENTER button.

To add both the textual content and formula inside the same cell, you have to use the image, & and double inverted comma (“). So, if you want to add texts between cell values, formulas, or functions, just separate them using & and double inverted commas.

2.   To apply the same formula for the rest of the cell, take your mouse cursor to the right-bottom corner of the cell and drag the Fill Handle icon up to the required cell.

How to add Text and Formula at Any Sequence?

You can write the textual content and formula to any sequence inside the same cell. Just make certain you separate the textual content and formula with the symbol, (&) and double inverted commas (“).

=Robert's monthly saving is: &C5-D5

1.   The following method will upload textual content first, and then the formula:

=C5-D5 & is Robert's monthly savings.

2.   If you want to use the formula first and the text appears later, use the following formula:

Using TEXT Function add Text with Formula in the Same Cell in Excel with

The table is shown below without using text with the formula.

To add more information to the formula result, use the following steps.

1.   First type the following formula in the required cell, and hit the ENTER button.

2.   Drag the Fill Handle icon from the cell down to the required cell.

Add Formula with dates

Following are the steps to add the formula with dates in the same cell in Excel.

=B5& from &TEXT(C5,dd-mmm-yyyy)& to &TEXT(D5,dd-mmm-yyyy)

1.   Insert the following formula in the cell.

In the above formula, first, insert cell B5 and a text. Use symbol (&) and double inverted commas, (“) between them to satisfy the syntax requirement. Then the TEXT function comes with its arguments.

2.  Then press the ENTER button.

3.  Then press the ENTER button.

4.  Drag the Fill Handle icon from cell E5 to cell E10 and you’re done with it.

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