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How to convert number to text using the Excel TEXT function in Excel

February 13, 2023

Using the TEXT feature is the most spectacular and flexible way to convert numbers totally to text. It converts a numerical value into text and allows you to choose how this value will be displayed. It is helpful when you want to display numbers in a way that is easier to understand or, on the other hand, when you want to combine numbers with text or graphics. The TEXT feature totally converts a numeric value to designed text, rendering the result illegible.

If you are familiar with using equations in Excel, using the TEXT feature won't present any problems for you.

How to use Excel's Format Cells option to convert integers to messages entirely?

As, if you want to convert a number to a string quickly, use the Format Cells... option.

1. Decide which range has the numerical characteristics you want to designate as text.

2. Right-click on them and select Format Cells... from the menu.


You can press the Ctrl + 1 keyboard shortcut to display the Format Cell ... window.

1. In the Format Cell window, on the Number tab, select Text and click OK.

The layout has changed to the left, so the format changes to text. This option is suitable if you do not need to customize the format of the numbers.

Adding an apostrophe to convert a number to text format

Converting a number to a string If you have only two or three Excel cells, it is useful to add an apostrophe before the number. This will immediately change the number format to text.

1 Just double-click on the cell and enter the apostrophe before the number.

A small triangle is added to the corner of this cell. This isn't the best way to convert numbers to text in bulk, but it's the fastest if you only need to change two or three cells.

How to use the Text to Columns wizard to convert numbers to text in Excel?

Surprisingly, Excel's Text to Columns option is very good at converting numbers to text. Follow the steps below to see how it works.

1. Select the column you want to convert the number to a string in Excel.

2. Go to the Data tab and click the Text to Columns icon.

3. Just click on steps 1 and 2. Be sure to select the Text radio button in the third step of the wizard.

4. Press Finish and watch the numbers convert to text immediately.

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