The VALUE function: Convert text to number in Excel

January 14, 2022

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In daily work, we often come across text formats that represent numbers. So how can we convert text to number? There are two methods.

· Option 1

1. Click the Formulas tab > Insert Function to pop-up a dialog.

2. Input VALUE in the text box and then select the desired cell in the new dialog. Then click OK.

3. Drag the cell to fill the formula into the rest of the cells.

Tips: This method is suitable for situations where multiple data needs to be processed.

· Option 2

WPS Spreadsheets identifies numbers intelligently. When numbers in the cells are formatted as text, the cells are marked with a green triangle on the top left.

1. Click the cell, and you can see a drop-down button.

2. Click the drop-down button and click Convert to Number.

Tips: This method is suitable for situations where only small amounts of data needs to be processed.

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