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WPS AI Introduces New Features in Latest Release

June 12, 2023

WPS is proud to announce the launch of our latest version with new and improved features that will enhance your productivity and streamline your workflow. We have optimized the interface for interacting with the AI, increased the AI's insight capabilities, and added the Snapreader function.


Optimized Insight & Inquiry function panel

To encourage users to focus more on the Insight capability, we have removed the recommended questions from the bottom and adjusted the display of the recommended question inquiries to be more concise and focused overall. And you can drag and drop panels more freely, up or down.

Improved PDF Insight

WPS AI now enhances insight for specific types of documents, such as papers and contracts, with stronger and more accurate summarizing abilities.

In Scanner

This function enables you to use a mobile device's camera to capture images of paper documents and convert them to PDFs, Docs, or PPT. With the addition of AI, it is now more powerful.

How to scan and refine the focus of physical documents?

  • Step 1: Open WPS Office > click the "plus" icon > create a new Scanner.

  • Step 2: Click the "SnapReader" button to enter the scanning interface.

  • Step 3: The system intelligently identifies the content of the document and automatically captures it. You can pause or resume at any time.

  • Step 4: After the scan is finished, click "Insight" to quickly view the entire document's summary.

  • Step 5: Long-press on the summary to copy the content. If you're not satisfied with the summary, you can click "Update" to regenerate it.

Additionally, you can click "Inquiry" to automatically ask questions to WPS AI.

How can I organize and manage scanned pages efficiently?

  • After capturing, click "Preview" to enter the preview mode. The thumbnail of each picture will display the page title, making it convenient for users to identify. You can click on a page to jump to it immediately.

  • Long-press on the page thumbnail to quickly delete or rearrange the pages.

  • Click "Output" to export the captured pictures as a PDF document, making it easier to store, share, and manage your documents electronically.

    5 (2).png

In addition to the capabilities described above, SnapReader also supports personalized settings such as adjusting the file fill light, disabling auto-shoot, enabling free scaling of the captured shot size up to 10x, and turning off the shutter sound.

In Docs:

Apart from assisting you in writing and rewriting articles, the AI assistant can now also help you summarize and refine the key points of your documents. Open a non-blank document, click the purple icon hovering in the bottom right corner to enter the Insight & Inquiry function panel, and follow the same steps as in PDF.

Get ready to witness a new era of convenience and efficiency that awaits you. Welcome to the future of AI assistance!

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