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Professional Resume Template to Download Free for Word

August 23, 2022

In today's competitive job market, job seekers must make a good impression. Your resume or CV will be your first contact with your employers. So it's essential to get it right. A professional resume will be helpful. You may wonder how to design a professional and attractive resume or CV. Your tension and research are finished now, and the WPS offers a professional resume template to download free for Word.

A good resume or CV should clearly show your most relevant professional skills, experiences, and qualifications. An excellent and creative resume or CV might use formatting elements such as layout and color to ensure the employer sees the essential information. Let's explore the best 10 free resume templates to download free for word in 2022:

1.Simple Resume Word Template for Job Hunting

Simple and creative resumes can get your employer's attention and help get a quick idea of who you are and may help to understand if you will be a good fit for their company. Download this professional, free simple word template for your job hunting.

2.Fresh Simple Resume Template

A fresh, simple resume template could be the difference between getting an interview for your dream job. In addition, your resume or CV is an essential piece of your marketing to promote yourself to a potential employer.

3.Resume Template for Translator

You probably won't have an in person interview, so your resume or CV makes you stand out and persuade the recruiter that you are a good fit for the position. This professional resume template download will help you to get your job.

4.Beige Resume Template for Graduates

After graduation, a resume or CV creation is the first step in job hunting and recruitment. If it is not well written and designed, you are unlikely to get your first job. So, this free professional resume template download will help you get hired right after graduation.

5. Red Resume Template for Graduates

Getting a job as a recent graduate isn't easy. To help you build your resume, WPS provides a variety of free resume downloadable templates. You can use this accessible template, this is attractive and eye-catching resume template, to help you improve your chances of landing work.

6.Free Resume Template for Designer

A great resume quickly communicates your skills and accomplishments to employers. This free resume template for Word is ideal for designers because hiring managers for UX/UI or graphic designer jobs typically have little time to read through a resume.

7. Resume Templates for Students

When applying for a job, recruiters first want to know if you can do it right. This student resume-free template helps you to showcase your skills and knowledge attractively.

8.Resume Word Template for Interviewee

Your resume and interview are the best opportunities to present yourself as an ideal candidate. This resume word template makes it easy for the recruiter to spot all the necessary and relevant information.

9. Marketing Resume Template for Worker

A right and well-designed resume template for workers can get your foot in the door, and the rubber meets the road. This marketing resume template for workers is one of the best downloadable and editable templates.

10.General Resume Word Template for Consultant

Pick an appropriate resume template for consultants to impress the recruiter with your best attributes. This is a beautiful and eye-catching general resume word template for consultants. You can easily download and use it.


Choosing a professional-looking template is a great way to save time instead of spending formatting a blank word document. The WPS provides a different and unique resume template to download free for Word. In addition, you can download its office, templates, and valuable tools for free or use them online.

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