Remove image background in WPS Writer

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Remove image background in WPS Writer

Remove image background in WPS Writer

Tips: you can turn on the volume by clicking

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Graphic skills

If we find that the background color of a picture is different from the page color when editing a document, we can remove the picture's background color with one click.


First, we can click the picture to enter the Picture Tools tab.

Click the Set Transparent Color button, and click the background color of the picture to remove it.

1 (1).gif


Tips: In addition to removing background color, we can also change the picture's color in this way.

In general, we can not freely change the color of an inserted picture.

However, here we can use the Set Transparent Color feature to remove its original color, and then click the Picture Fill drop-down button to set its background as needed.

1 (2).gif


If we want to reset it, click Reset Picture.

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