Research Presentation PowerPoint Example

September 9, 2022

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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This research presentation PowerPoint example shows how a research paper should look simple and fantastic. In this article, you will find an excellent  presentation PowerPoint examples templates of the thesis, graduation defense, and thesis report.

The following is an example of what a research paper could look like with a slide presentation. This guide aims to show students exactly how to write a research paper according to what is expected by the instructor. First, let’s go for the research presentation powerpoint example templates:

1.Graduation Thesis Defense Presentation Example

This is one of the great examples of a PowerPoint presentation that will help you present your research findings, project hypothesis, and professional message. The layout is clear and visually appealing and includes charts and graphs to help viewers follow without distractions.

2.Graduation Defense Presentation

Some high-schoolers scramble to create their own research or presentation on their graduation format to prepare for graduate or undergraduate school projects. No matter the project, organizing one is so complex it feels like a full-time endeavor. Download this template and customize it.

3.Green Forest Education Thesis Defense Presentation

This is a beautiful example of a thesis defense presentation with a clean and simple background and a great look and presentation that will convey your content clearly to the audience.

4.Green Fresh Graduate Thesis Report Presentation

Presentation skills are an efficient communication medium in the business world. A fantastic presentation template or layout is behind successful presentation skills. So download this template to help present your research findings to your audience.

5.Graduation Thesis Defense Presentation

An effective PowerPoint may help you accomplish your desired tasks by focusing on the most pertinent information. Consider this example template, and edit for your presentation by choosing a typeface, determining the color scheme you want to use, the content you want to include, and so on.

6.Colorful University Thesis Defense Presentation

This is a good choice for a university thesis defense presentation. The graduation thesis defense is meant for students to defend the originality, importance, and appropriateness of their research project for the different study layers.

7.Early Childhood Education Thesis Defense Presentation

This template is for you if your research is about early childhood education. This document will help present your accomplishments and findings. Present your results using this template and study. You can also use the colors from this template to assist you in designing your slides.

8.Dark Blue Sky Thesis Defense Presentation

Some presentations you only need to make once, like a graduation defense. Others, like a graduation thesis defense, might require more work and should be made each year you plan to continue your education.

9.Blue Practical Chemical Thesis Defense Presentation

This is a research presentation PowerPoint that is an example of what a presentation can look like. The school's prestige, shape, size, and color are examples of how a qualitative thesis defense presentation can be in the color blue.

10.Education Graduation Defense Presentation

If you are searching for your research defense presentation template, this is one of the best PowerPoint templates. This template is ready and available to be edited and used for your school or college assignment.


Presenting final graduation research or defense of study is not that much easy. But an engaging and eye-catching presentation template helps in some ways. Choose one of the example samples to design one yourself. Get the enlightenment of design, and outsource the rest.

If you need more ideas, visit the WPS and download the WPS Office application. The professionals have created several research presentation PowerPoint example templates. A presentation might also be a good idea if you face allegations that your paper is biased or unscientific.