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Ten best swot analysis Templates in excel

August 12, 2022

 A SWOT analysis is frequently used in scenarios that call for strategic planning to accomplish an aim, such as market study, company planning, organizational change, product development, and personal growth. When composing a list-based SWOT analysis that lists weaknesses, strengths, threats, and opportunities,

There are ten best swot analysis templates in excel options available. These ten best swot analysis templates in excel are very easy to download and easy to use.

1.Sales Performance Chart Analysis Template

Analyzing the business is the key to making your business succeed, so this sales performance chart is very helpful to organize your data on a monthly basis, and you can even check a small product's sale performance through this. It is very simple, free, and easy to use.

2.Break Even Analysis Template

With the use of  break-even analysis, you can determine when your company will be able to recoup all of its investments, at which time the revenue that results can be characterized as profit. You can use break-even analysis templates to learn how to do a break-even analysis, which will help you carry out the same procedure for your company. Here is the free template for analysis provided below.

3.Store Sales Data Analysis Template

This is mostly used for those who have many stores, and through this they can handle weekly performances as well as sales and average performances of all stores. This template is available in three plans: 1- month,6- month,and 12- month plans.

4.Financial Salary Distribution Data Analysis Template

The financial services distribution data analysis template automates salary and paycheck calculations for the whole tax year and is a condensed version of our detailed monthly payroll template. The template gives users the option to specify each worker's monthly salary, add a yearly bonus, and also includes a provision for one annual salary rise in a chosen month. Calculations for income tax, salary deductions, and employer contributions are all computerized. It's very simple to download and free to use.

5.Mental Health Assessment Results Analysis Template


This template is very helpful for doctors and patients. They can make a schedule of medical appointments, they can make a list of patients, and they can monitor the mental health progress of patients.

 6.Production Enterprise Total Cost Estimate Table Template

This template is for a yearly plan as total orders in years. costs of products and average profits by order. For fast work, you can use this. It is available in monthly plans.

 7.Domestic Expenses List Template

A spreadsheet or document that summarizes the monthly household income and expenses of an individual for a specific time period is a better definition of a monthly household budget template.

This spreadsheet of a monthly household budget typically contains all of the transactions that an individual and his or her family anticipate carrying out during the month in question, such as the income earned by all family members during the month and the allocation of those funds under various categories like general household bills, transportation costs, utilities, insurance expenditure, obligations, and savings, among others.

 8.Daily Good Personality Inventory Form

An organized inventory template for managing your personal property as daily and hourly routines. This is completely editable and modifiable. Print-ready, ideal for both personal and professional printing. available in premium packs currently.

9.Detailed Inventory of Office Supplies Template

Use this simple template to keep track of and manage the inventory of any physical assets that your team uses for work and is responsible for maintaining, such as office supplies, machinery, and equipment.

10.General Resign Form

You should think about the appropriate format for your resignation letter as you are ready to submit your resignation. Making the decision to quit your position can be challenging, and frequently, the most nerve-wracking element of the transition is informing your supervisor that you will be going on to another position. To ease the strain on you when writing your resignation letter, we have assembled a collection of resignation letter templates. You can adapt and customize the resignation letter samples below to fit your needs.


We know that everyone is busy in their daily lives. No one has enough time to work manually and waste hours wasting time, so WPS is providing templates to use and make work easy. Aside from these ten best swot analyses templates in excel, Many beautiful, simple, and attractive templates are available. Many of them are free, but many of them are in 1-month. So download them and make your life easier and more comfortable.

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