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The Best Truck Driver Payroll Template Excel Sheets

September 27, 2022

Truck driver payroll template excel is a spreadsheet that can be used by truck drivers and companies to keep track of how much money the driver is making. It can also be used to calculate how much taxes, deductions, and other information is needed. It is important to keep track of all the money that is being made and spent so that there are no discrepancies later on. The spreadsheet can be used to create a very detailed report for all parties involved. You can download truck driver payroll template excel sheets from WPS office.

1.Employee Payroll Calculator Template

Do you need an Excel Payroll Calculator to calculate your organization's payroll formula? You can use our Payroll Template to calculate and maintain employee pay and deduction records.

2.Payroll Statistics Calculator

With this template, you can record payroll data for more than one employee as well as prepare a salary slip that includes employee benefits such as provident funds.

3.Payroll Formula Calculator Template

With Excel payroll formulas, you can calculate important figures for each pay period, such as hours worked, income tax deductions, and vacation pay. So Let’s try the payroll formula calculator template sheet!

4.Green Payroll Form Template

For your convenience, we have provided a fill-in vertically long green pay form template. Apart from the employee's full address, all information submitted is shown on the stub. Now, you can easily manage the payroll. 

5.Light Green Payroll Schedule Template

Your site visitors can introduce themselves through contact forms. With WPS’s light green payroll template, you can easily create a contact us form for your website. Let’s try this helpful template!

6.Blue Payroll Statement Template

In this template, you can print a short (blue) paystub on any standard check paper. All payment information is displayed, but the full address of the employee is not displayed.

7.Universal Payroll Statement Template

Looking for a universal payroll statement template where you can manage all things easily? Why not? Download WPS Office and try this amazing template that can handle all your things. 

8.Payroll Calculation Table Template

I know it’s difficult to handle the pay list of all employees. Use payroll calculation table template. Payroll document that includes provident fund and employee allowances along with payroll data for multiple employees.

9.Payroll Adjustment Form Template 

This template is used to increase or decrease the gross pay of an employee. Depending on the situation, these adjustments could be made by deducting government benefits, filing taxes, and penalizing employees for infractions, or by paying bonuses, paying overtime, and changing salaries.

10.Fresh Payroll Form Template

You can use a fresh payroll template to calculate employee salaries (basic salary, allowance, bonus, overtime) automatically, maintain records of employee personal details, and much more. Let’s use this template!


The truck driver payroll template excel sheet is a very important form to have in order to keep track of the income of your employees. It will also help you to know what taxes need to be paid. The truck driver payroll template excel will also help you to know how much you need to deposit into your account each week. The truck driver payroll template excel will give you a lot of information about your company and its employees. WPS office is the best place to approach these templates. WPS office is a very popular office suite for Android, and it can be downloaded for free from the Play Store. It has many unique features such as the ability to collaborate with others and access the WPS office online. You can also download WPS office from its website. If you need help downloading or installing WPS office, you can also ask for help on their helpdesk.

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