The DAYS360 function in Excel

January 11, 2022
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· Description:

DAYS360 returns the number of days between two dates based on a 360-day (30 days a month, 12 months a year), which can be used in some accounting calculations.

· Syntax:

DAYS360(start_date, end_date, method)

· Arguments:

Start_date and end_date are the two dates between which you want to know the number of days.

Method is a logical value specifying the calculation method.

FALSE or omitted: U.S.(NASD) method. If the start_date is the last day of a month, it is seen as the 30th day of that month. If the end_date is the last day of a month, and the start_ date is less than 30, the end_date will be seen as the 1stof the next month, otherwise, the end_date will be seen as the 30th day of the same month.

TRUE: European method. If start_dates or end_dates are on the 31st day of a month, they will be seen as the 30th day of the same month.

· Example:

Suppose the HR Department of a company want to calculate the working dates of the employees with the U.S method. How can DAYS360 offer its help?

1. Select cell C3 where we want to calculate the Number of working days for these employees. Then head to the Formulas tab > Insert Function > enterDAYS360 in the edit box, or just type =DAYS360 in the cell.

The DAYS360 function in Excel.gif  

2. Here we want to insert the DAYS360 function.

B3 represents the entry date, that is, the start_date. E3 is the current date for calculate, that is, the end_date. Here we press F4 to make make it an absolute cell reference so that cell E3 wont change when we fill C4:C13. The third argument is omitted because we want to use the U.S method.


So, we enter B3 at start_date, E3 at end_date and omit the last argument.

The result is 142, which tells us that Mike has worked 142 days in this company. 

Hove over cell C3 and drag it all the way down to complete C4 to C13. The DAYS360 function in Excel2.gif



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