The NUMBERVALUE Function in Excel

January 18, 2022

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The NUMBERVALUE Function can be used to convert numbers in text format which cannot be recognized into numeric values.


NUMBERVALUE( text, [decimal_separator], [group_separator] )


text: Required. The text value you want to convert to number.

decimal_separator: Optional. The character used as the decimal separator in the text value.

group_separator: Optional. The character used to group by thousands, millions in the text value.


Suppose we have a list of numbers displayed in text format that are imported from other applications as follows. Here are the steps to apply NUMBERVALUE function.

1. Click cell D2 and navigate to the Formulas tab. Then click the Insert Function button, enter NUMBERVALUE in the box, and click OK.

2. In the pop-up box, enter A2 at text, B2 at decimal_separator and C2 at group_separator,and click OK. Then drag the fill handle down to the cell where you'd like to apply the function.

3. Notice that if the decimal separator and group_separator are not specified, the function uses NUMBERVALUE current locale separators.