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The Rehearse Timings feature of Slide Show

Uploaded time: February 14, 2022 Difficulty Intermediate

The Rehearse Timings feature of Slide Show

The Rehearse Timings feature of Slide Show

It is very important to limit the length of your speech in some speech contests or formal speech occasions. WPS Presentation provides the Rehearse Timings feature for us to rehearse the speech.

Take this slide as an example.

1. Head to the Slide Show tab, and click the Rehearse Timings button to enter the rehearse mode.

In the upper left corner, there is a timer that can be moved freely.

2. Click the inverted triangle icon on the left or click to jump to the next slide, and then the slide timer will be restarted while the slide total time continues to be recorded.

3. If we want to pause the timer, click the Pause button.

4. Surely, we can also click the Repeat button to restart the timer of the current page.

5. Press the Esc key to quit the timing mode, and we can see the total time of this slide show.

6. Click Yes in the pop-up window to keep this slide timing, and then we can see the timings of each slide.

In general, we will rehearse all slides by clicking Rehearse Timings, or we can also click the drop-down button and choose Rehearse This Slide to rehearse the current slide.

With this function, we are able to control the speed and pace of the speech properly. Did you get it?

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