The SIN Function in Excel

January 6, 2022
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The SIN function can be used to calculate the sine of a certain angle.

· Syntax


The argument “number” is any numeric expression that expresses an angle in radians. (“PI” radian corresponds to 180 degrees.)


For example, we want to calculate the sine of an angle, which is 30 degrees. So we need to enter the corresponding radians: PI/6.

1. Click the Formulas tab > Insert Function. Enter “SIN” in the dialog and select it.

2. In the pop-up dialog, enter an angle in radians in the Number area, and click OK.

Here we enter “PI()/6”. Then we will get a result lies in the range -1 to 1, and in this example, we get 0.5. The SIN Function in Excel1.gif


In some cases, we only know the degree of an angle, such as 30 degrees, but do not know how to work out its redians.

To convert degrees to radians, we can multiply degrees by “PI()/180”.

In this example, we can enter “30*PI()/180” in the number area. Then we get the same result 0.5.

The SIN Function in Excel2.gif


We can get the same results in these two ways. Give it a try!


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