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The ten most beautiful excel event budget templates for free

August 26, 2022

Excel is an excellent program that takes care of everything. Excel's templates are particularly effective at handling routine chores. With these templates, you can now organize your events, their budget invitation cards, and schedule everything. Excel provides event budget planning templates, which are now in charge of managing your event's budget. The ten most beautiful excel event budget templates for free

are now accessible without charge.  For your convenience, we'll discuss the ten most beautiful excel event budget templates for free here with links and images.

1. Wedding Expense Budget Management Template

Events like a wedding should manage with a good budget plan. If you are looking for a good wedding budget plan, this template will help you a lot. Download this free template and enjoy your wedding.

2. Pink Wedding Ceremony Budget Template

Wedding events should always manage with a good budget plan. If you are looking for a good wedding budget plan, this pink wedding ceremony template will greatly help you. Download this free template and enjoy your wedding. It is easy to use.

3. Simple Pink Wedding Budget Template

A comprehensive financial plan should use to manage wedding celebrations at all times. This pink wedding ceremony template will greatly assist you if you're looking for a solid wedding budget plan. It is made in a lovely pink colour. Consequently, enjoy your wedding and download this free template. Its utilization is simple.

4. Simple Fresh Wedding Budget Template

A thorough financial plan should always manage wedding celebrations. If you want a reliable wedding budget plan, this straightforward, modern template will be of great use to you. It is created in vibrant colours. Enjoy your wedding and get this free template as a result. Its use is straightforward.

5. Simple Fresh Green Budget Template

A simple, fresh green budget plan is created with vivid green colour. It is very simple to use and the top reviewed one.

6. Modern Basic Budget Worksheet Template

Now your budget will plan modernly by utilizing this Modern Basic Budget Worksheet template. It is free to download at the WPS office.

7. Simple Cash Journal Budget Template

In a cash receipts log template, companies can keep track of all cash they get from any source, covering asset sales, cash purchases, payments from client accounts, and loan repayments.

8. Simple Clearly Monthly Budget Template

Your monthly budget is easy to plan by using this template. A simple monthly budget plan template is created with beautiful designs for your use.

9. Fresh Blue Budget Worksheet Template

Your events budget is easy to plan by using this template. Beautiful designs and blue colours create a simple blue budget plan template.

10. Marketing Promotion Plan Budget (Contains formula) Template

The promotion budget must be considered when choosing the best communication tactics. The promotion budget template can determine a variety of techniques. One of the simplest ways to figure out the promotion budget is to allocate a portion of the previous year's sales or the anticipated sales for the following year through this budget planning template.



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1. WPS Office

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Some templates you would be interested in: 

  1. Top Fresh Event Budget available on WPS Template Desktop version

  2. Top Fresh Event Budget

  3. Simple Fresh Green Budget Template

  4. Simple Fresh Wedding Budget Template

  5. Simple Pink Wedding Budget Template

  6. Wedding Expense Budget Management Template

2. Google Doc

Google Docs stands as a popular platform that excels in offering an extensive array of template options. This platform is highly sought after by individuals who place a premium on both creativity and efficiency in their document creation process. For those who consistently strive to find exceptional templates for various purposes, including invitations, cards, and more, Google Docs serves as an expansive and versatile template sandbox to explore.

With its vast collection of templates spanning diverse categories, Google Docs empowers users to unlock their creative potential and infuse their unique style into their communications and projects.

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Q1. What is the 60 20 20 rule?

The 60-20-20 rule is a budgeting strategy that suggests dividing your monthly income into three categories: 60% for expenses, 20% for savings, and 20% for discretionary spending.

Q2. What are 3 basic budget categories?

Here are the three basic budget categories:

  • Needs: This category includes essential expenses such as housing, utilities, groceries, transportation, and other necessary bills.

  • Savings: This category includes long-term savings goals, such as retirement savings, emergency funds, and other savings goals.

  • Discretionary Spending: This category includes non-essential expenses such as entertainment, dining out, shopping, and other non-essential expenses.

Q3. What is the 50 30 20 rule?

The 50-30-20 rule is a budgeting technique that involves dividing your after-tax income into three primary categories: 50% for needs, 30% for wants, and 20% for savings and debt payments. This rule is designed to help individuals manage their finances and balance paying for necessities while being mindful of long-term savings and retirement.

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