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TOP 10 Beautiful Excel Spreadsheet Templates

August 12, 2022

Massive amounts of data can be quickly analyzed and understood with Excel, a potent program. Additionally, it may be used to keep tabs on spending, invoice customers, produce financial statements, make calendars and schedules, and many more.

 However, you can utilize our top ten 10 beautiful spreadsheet templates in excel that are accessible here rather than generating an Excel worksheet from the beginning and wasting so much time creating such designs. These top 10 beautiful spreadsheet templates in excel will fulfill your desires as well.

1.Invoicing Application Form Template

The invoice request form is a document that is delivered to the client in order to ask for the issuing of an invoice for the goods or services they have obtained. Businesses frequently experience customer forgetfulness or payment delays. Thus, a form for invoice requests is made available for gently requesting invoices. A written reminder is suggested because it demonstrates the company's credibility and serves as a record that can be used in the future.

This template makes sure that a standard format is utilized, which can give the buyer the idea that you're a specialist. The layout will need to be slightly updated by management. And it is easy to download and free to use.

2.Invoice and Accounts Receivable Statement

The amount of cash owed for products provided or services consumed but not yet paid for is called an account overdue (AR). It typically refers to unpaid invoices. Since it is a legal requirement for specific customers to pay the debt, this term is included in the assets of the business on the balance sheet report in finance.

To manage your invoices and associated receivables, use the invoice and accounts receivable statement spreadsheet provided below as your guide. With the aforementioned KPI characteristics, you may analyze them. It is very easy and secure to use in daily routine.

3.2022 colorful cartoon calendar Template

Looking for 2022 smart calendar planning? To ensure consistency, attention, and success in the year 2022, this plan includes a monthly goal tracking and to-do list. This is editable and free if you want it in premium, so some of the templates are available in premium but this is free and easy to use.


4.Accounting Management Daily Report Template

You're probably looking for an Excel accounting template to help you keep track of your company's finances because your firm cannot function without accounting. This template is available in 1-month, 6-month, and 12-month plans.


5.Sales Situation Sheet Template

A significant portion of a corporate entity's earnings comes from sales. Proper monitoring should be carried out in order to obtain correct information at the end of each accounting period. Making a tracking sheet will enable you to provide accurate sales reports. A sales sheet is another name for this document. The format required to monitor sales dynamics will be provided by this sales sheet template. Through this, you will be able to see and monitor hourly sales ups and downs. It is totally free to use.

6.Staff Training Record template

Every company believes in educating its staff to increase their competence and skills. The most productive employees who can contribute significantly to the growth of the firm are skilled professionals.

 A company also keeps track of every employee's training activities. Both the business and its personnel benefit from keeping records. When employees complete the required training, some organizations enhance their pay. So this template is very helpful in keeping a record of training and progress.


7.Employee Over Time Calculator Template

The period of hours someone works past their scheduled shift is known as overtime. In order to reach their supply or goals for a specific period of time, businesses may elect to make their employees work overtime. A corporation may use an overtime calculator to keep track of the overtime worked. To plan for hourly overtime pay and manage the jobs that each employee completes, apply an overtime calculator template. This is available in monthly, 6-month, and 12-month plans.

8.Simple Fresh Inventory Schedule

Spreadsheets are a useful and adaptable tool for tracking and controlling inventory, no matter how large your company is.

 It's no excuse to continue using manual processes (like a pen and paper!) even if you run a tiny retail store, eatery, or manufacturing company. It is free and very attractive to work on.

9.Class Attendance Statistics

Academic institutions employ attendance sheet templates to keep track of a student's attendance. Educational institutions can keep track of students' attendance by using this kind of template for attendance sheets. A student attendance sheet template also lessens the workload for teachers and frees up time for other time-consuming chores. So I think it is best according to your wishes. It is absolutely free and free to use.

10.Property Service Payroll Template

You can quickly and easily calculate your property service payroll using WPS Payroll Excel and Google Sheets Templates. Simply insert your payment details into the dynamic filters and tables of the template, and it will take care of all the rest.


After discussing the top 10 beautiful spreadsheet templates in excel, we inform you that you can visit WPS and find more templates if you want them for hourly, monthly, or daily work. You can find templates according to your budget as free, 6-month plan, and a 12-month plan. All the templates are easy to use and easy to download with the help of how to download step by step.

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