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Top 10 examples of dashboards in excel

June 6, 2023

Top 10 Examples of Dashboards in Excel are the dashboard in excel which is very popular and very useful tool which is used to visually represent large data. The excel dashboard provides an overview of the data in a single screen. Many excel sheets’ data can be seen in one dashboard. It usually consists of graphs, pie charts, tables and different gauges to clear different aspects of the data. Many Formulas can be put in the dashboard as well. These templates are free to download sheets with formulas.

Top 10 Examples of Dashboards in Excel helps to interpret the data more easily than raw excel data by giving a visual overview of the same data. There are so many free templates of excel dashboards available which can be downloaded and customized according to the requirements. Some of the top examples dashboards in excel are mentioned below:

Colorful General Analysis Charts

In this excel dashboard template, different charts are shown like column chart, pie chart, line chart etc. Different colors are assigned to different data points so that it can be visibly seen.

Blue Excel for Cost Accounting

This template can be used to effectively show the finances of the purchased goods in any organization.

The Minutes of the Meeting

This dashboard template is used to have an overview of different tasks aligned with their time. The tasks can be written down in chronological order and date and time can be assigned to each task.

Sales Performance Report

This template is very helpful in showing the sales performance of any company. Annual and monthly performances are also mentioned in this template.  

Construction Schedule Gantt Chart

In this construction Schedule template, schedule of overall construction process is shown. The whole process is broken down in smaller tasks with their targeted dates.

Simple Dashboard Info graphic

This template is useful in graphical representation of various data in a single screen. Process steps can also be presented in this template.

Payroll in 2019 New Tax

This template is very effective in showing the payroll of any organization. All employees name can be put in this template with their respective salaries, allowances, leaves etc.

Monthly Report of Goods in and out of Branch Stores

This dashboard template is showing the monthly report of inventory purchased and sold from different branches of a particular store, showing the overall performance of each branch.

Attendance Chick-in Sheet

This template is like an attendance register which can be used to easily overview any employee’s attendance statistics.

Diet and Exercise Schedule

This template is effectively showing the exercise and diet analysis of a person with starting and ending dates and targets to be achieved and accomplished.

Top 10 Examples of Dashboards in Excel are free to download. These top examples of excel dashboard templates are used worldwide. Some are friendlier for personal use and some for organizational level. These excel dashboard makes the decision making easier and effective for managers on different levels while saving the time. For more free dashboard templates, visit WPS official website and download the application for free.

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