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Top 10 Excel Risk assessment Matrix Templates of WPS

September 28, 2022

The risk assessment matrix is evaluating the risks related to any project; it is to find out the process which can give harm the company or the people. Risk assessments are conducted to control these hazards and implement reasonable measures to stop these hazards from occurring again.

WPS Office has many risk assessment matrix templates that you can use as a tool to supervise risks in a workplace. The most common used risk assessment templates are as follows…

1.Excel accounting assessment form template

This WPS excel template is used for the assessment of an individual in a workplace. It evaluates an individual in a company and how much knowledge he has in the finance sector. It has columns for indicator dimension, assessment index, weights, rating, assessment criteria, and the one that examines an individual.

2.Excel transfer assessment form template

Transfer assessment form template is used by the companies who transfer an employee from one place to another for job purposes, it is transfer from one department to another, and it has many columns for the assessment of an employee.

3.Excel general form of demand description template

General demand description template is used for the company for their purchasing goods which they demand. It is easy to edit and is customizable.

4.Excel training effectiveness assessment report template

This WPS template is very important as it is used by the management of the company and organization for their employees, it helps them in assessment of their training that they carried out for their employees, training of the employees helps in the success of the employees which in return give success to the company.

5.Excel product assessment checklist template

This template is used for the assessment of the quality of the products purchased by the company. You can easily edit it and customize your products accordingly.

6.Excel supplier performance assessment form template

Supplier assessment is very necessary in any company or organization as it helps you in in assessing the products of the supplier. It contains the column for assessment indicator also.

7.Blue excel for cost accounting template

It is used for finding out the total cost of the purchased goods. It is sent by the inventories to the buyer.

8.Excel self-evaluation form template

This template is used for identifying or evaluating your own abilities. Different questions are asked in this templates and the person have to answer those question for evaluation.

9.Excel Mental health assessment result analysis template

This template as the name suggests is used for the assessment of the mental health of a patient. It is easy to edit and simple to customize.

10Excel solution tracking table template

This template is used for the assessment of any type of bugs in the production, as these bugs cause harm to the production therefore this template is used to find it out and analyse solution.

The risks assessment matrix is very important as it reduces the production of hazards and creates a healthy environment; it causes awareness in the employees of a specific company or organization.

For more templates download WPS Office and get hundreds of templates for your daily assessments.

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