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Top 10 Financial Dashboard Excel Templates That Are Perfect

August 29, 2022

You'll learn everything you need to know about the financial dashboard excel template in today's guide. With the WPS Financial Dashboard, businesses can visualize their financial data and track their fiscal performance in multiple languages. 

With this spreadsheet template, you can easily enter and share information using familiar Excel software. Using our dashboard, you will be able to have a complete picture of your data in a short amount of time. Let’s explore the financial dashboard excel template!

1.Financial Cashier Daily Report Template

In a daily cash sheet, a record of any cash transaction that occurs on a daily basis is kept in a simple spreadsheet. Using this template, the user can easily keep track of total cash flow.

2.Simple Dashboard Infographic Template

Looking for an infographic template that creates multiple designs for you? Try WPS’s simple dashboard infographic template and create designs, illustrations, and graphics from the best designers in the world.

3.Financial Report Accounts Receivable Template

This is a management tool that provides key financial information in the form of a financial report (also called a financial statement). Try this financial report accounts receivable template that can help you to manage your account!

4.Simple Financial Statement Template

Templates designed specifically for small business owners are included in the WPS's collection of financial spreadsheets. They have been useful to us and we hope they will be to you as well!

5.Black Financial Resume Template

Are you interested in making your fortune in the financial sector? Take a look at our free black finance resume example for some ideas on how to write yours. It can even be edited to reflect your own career trajectory.

6.Financial Income Schedule Template

If you would like to develop your own profit and loss statement for a business or analyze another company, please download WPS's free income statement template. 

7.Monthly Financial Report Template

Download our free monthly an hourly Financial Statements Template in Excel to develop a 12-month financial forecast formula for your company. You can better understand your company's financial future and present by understanding its core financial metrics. 

8.Financial Accounting Schedule Template

Would you like to manage the financial records of your company or clients? With WPS, you can now manage invoices, profit, and loss statements, salary slips, prepare balance sheets, and track accounts payable and receivable.

9.Financial Report Sales Revenue Template

An effective financial report communicates key financial information efficiently. Using a specific template, businesses can ensure continuous growth and revenue by covering every aspect of financial affairs.

10.Financial Reception Budget Template

A reception budget doesn't have to be a chore when you have the right tools at your disposal. Use this complete financial reception budget planning template to track reception expenses.


Calculations and analyses are made easy with Excel. A dashboard in Excel shows all the important information at once, making it easier to make decisions. No worries if the dashboard you need isn't listed here! You can find a wide variety of dashboard templates online, both free and paid on WPS Office. Download the WPS Office and use financial dashboard excel templates.

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