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Top 10 major employee roles and responsibilities templates in excel

August 31, 2022

Employees are a major factor of any organization. Its organization’s responsibility to take good care of its employees’ rights and give them a safe environment to work in. on the other hand, there are some duties and roles that are applicable on the employees as well. They have to maintain that decorum to work in any organization. Top 10 Major Employee Roles and Responsibilities Templates in Excel help in this as these templates are free to download sheets with formulas.

A company’s daily tasks are well structured and planned and employees have to adhere to them in order to stay in the company. . Top 10 Major Employee Roles and Responsibilities Templates in Excel are the free MS Excel templates of major employee roles and responsibilities that give an idea of ways in which employee perform a particular task on everyday basis. Employees can use these free templates to efficiently do any organizational task with accuracy in less time.

Application for Leaving

This is an excel template for leave application. This form has to be filled by the employee and submit it to the manager for approval.

Visual Chart of Annual Entry and Exit Statistics

This template shows employee entry and exit overview in different departments of a company. This template uses different graphs and charts to show the statistics.

Employee Attendance Check-in Form

In this employee attendance check in form, employee has to mention his or her signing in and signing off timings along with the days.

Chart of Training Effectiveness (by department)

This Excel template shows how the employees’ training affect the overall performances of the departments. In this template, data is written in percentages as well.  

Employee Evaluation Sheet

This excel template is an example of employee evaluation used by the managers to effectively evaluate individual employee performance.

Weekly Employee Timesheet

Through this excel spreadsheet template, an employee weekly timesheet can be reviewed. Employees regular and overtime hours are also mentioned in this.  

Employee Vacation Tracker

This employee vacation tracker template keeps a check on the employee that how much vacations he has availed and how much of them are remaining.

Employee Absent Rate Calculator

This excel template shows the absent rate of an employee every month. This helps at the time of making the payrolls of employees.

Overtime Work Application

Employee has to fill this template application form for overtime. In this form employee has to mention the reason for overtime work application as well.  

Self-Evaluation Form

This excel template is an example of self-evaluation process conducted in many companies. In this template, employees write down their expectations and achievements in the current jobs.

Top 10 Major Employee Roles and Responsibilities Templates in Excel are some examples of the major employees roles and responsibilities in an organization. These templates are free to download excel spreadsheets which can be customized according to the needs of the organization and nature of work. These templates are used in organizations worldwide to avoid tedious everyday tasks. WPS office gives more of such easy to use free excel templates. Download the WPS application for getting access to more templates.

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