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August 25, 2022

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Word Processing System or WPS Office Software, abbreviated as WPS, has gained immense popularity among professionals and students within less time. A survey concludes that the popularity of the WPS office has reached almost six hundred million monthly active users and more than one billion installations.

In this context, we would discuss how WPS is beneficial for students. First, let's discuss WPS and examine its benefits for students and how it works.

What is WPS?

A WPS Office is an office suite that gives the user access to word, presentation, and Excel files. It is an easy-to-use tool that is compatible with almost every device and operating system. You can use it with Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and HarmonyOS, thus making it one of the highly recommended software for maintaining data.

Considering its importance, it is installed in most fire tablets. It is free for Windows users so that the user can easily make quick access to their office or academic work.

Essential components of WPS Office:

The three essential components of the WPS office are:

1. WPSWriter- it is used for making assignments and reports.

2. WPS Presentation- the user can make multi-media presentations for official meetings or final projects.

3. WPS Spreadsheet- the excel sheet is used to keep a record of various kinds of data, and the user can access it within no time.

Valuable Features of WPS Office for students:

Heavy college bags, books, and laptops make it difficult for students to manage life within and out of campus. Situations become tougher when a student, by any chance, loses his important academic file. The double mental and physical burden makes their day more exhausting. For this purpose, the WPS Office has launched equally beneficial features for students. These features have helped the students quickly get over their academic tasks and presentations and carry their essential data anywhere.

The following features of the WPS Office are specially designed and added for the convenience of students, teachers, and other professionals. Let’s have a look:

1. Text Tools:

With the text tools, the students can store and organize a large amount of data. They can also copy a large amount of text from the webpage and paste that in multiple layouts and sizes into WPS.

With WPS, just a single click (Home- Text Tools- Smart Rearrange) allows the user to format the contents of documents in a designed format. The word processor of the WPS Office is featured with a drag-and-drop, enabling students to adjust line and paragraph spacing according to their task requirements. The editing of documents is also easy. It saves time for students.

2. Online template:

The next feature is the WPS online template. The students can mix text, graphics, pictures, and other subjects with this online template. Instead of extended bland mix and match procedures, the online template makes tasks more accessible and interesting for the students.

3. Take photos and scan them:

Taking photos with the camera and scanning them for various purposes is not an easy job. With WPS Office, the students can take pictures and scan the entire page. A PDF file is generated that they can review later.

Most students find it useful for reading e-books. The students can download the e-books in PDF format that they can read on any device.

4. PDF Tools:

With the PDF tools, the students can easily access PDF to DOC, PDF Edit, PDF Add Text, and many other PDF features. They can save the PDF file for later use.

The students can also convert word documents into PDF files. Converting large documents into smaller PDF files makes it easier for file sharing with other fellows and teachers.

5. Make presentations:

Presentations are an essential part of a student’s curriculum. While most students find it hard, many find it easy because they use the WPS Office.

With the PPT Recorder, the students can record the playback process of the PowerPoint Presentation itself. The PPT Recorder records the speaker's voice, automatically turns the slides or pages, and all screens are recorded and stored in an MP4 format.

Moreover, with the already available PPT templates on this software, the students can make presentations within minutes. The general presentation templates allow inserting different multi-media, including images, audio, and videos. Making presentations was never that easier without the WPS Office.

6. File Recovery:

With this feature, the students can recover their deleted word documents, excel sheets, or PDF files. The WPS Data Recovery Master allows them to conduct a deep data recovery.

7. Processing complex data:

Students often have to calculate complex data in their Finance subjects. For this purpose, every time, they have to expand the cells. One of the best functions of the WPS Office is that the WPS Spreadsheet automatically processes the fed data long data, thus making the data intuitive. The WPS Office simplifies the students' complex operational steps and saves them time.

8. WPS Cloud:

The WPS Cloud makes it an outstanding software for many. WPS Cloud can store all kinds of files, including Words files, excel spreadsheets, videos, photos, PDF files, and audio. The WPS Cloud is considered a Flash drive that carries your essential documents along with you. It can store up to 20 GB.

The features also ensure that the students can access all their essential documents from any device. For instance, if a student has made a presentation on his PC and stored it in his WPS office, he can also access it using his university computer lab's computer. Thus, the WPS Cloud has made data synchronization much easier for everyone.

A modern student involves and interacts with other students plus teachers, participates in classroom discussions, and acts in a receptive manner, with the unique feature of WPS, called  Students Tool. Considering the needs of modern organizations, how can WPS overlook the students? Students and their current educational requirements are the most critical assets of any society or economy.

What is WPS Students Tool, and how to use it?

Student Tools is a collection of functions in WPS Presentation specially designed for student user groups. This feature of WPS is not present in any other office software on the market.

How does it work?

The WPS Office saves time between switching tabs. The far-right toolbar's Student Tools section compiles the functions that students utilize the most frequently.

The View tab has three standard views and two standard masters that can use to accommodate the majority of reading, reviewing, and presentation requirements.

Text Box, Picture, Shape, and Screenshot are also collected by Student Tools from the Insert tab for simple modification.

Moreover, the features of symbols and Equations are added. When special symbols or mathematical formulas must be entered, the student can do it in a single tab without difficulty.

Also included are the capabilities of New Comment, Annotate in PDF format, and Video Exporting.

The Student Tools tab in WPS Presentation gathers the most popular tools based on real-world student usage scenarios, making it more straightforward and more comfortable for students to understand and utilize. Students across the globe have started liking WPS because of its ease to use anywhere, anytime, for multiple academic tasks.

WPS can help the students in class planning, document creation, and assessment of student learning. Additionally, it can aid with note-taking and note-organization, thesis preparation, and research data analysis. Downloading the most recent WPS Office suite is free for students.

How is WPS helpful?

With professional features, it maximizes efficiency:

WPS Office highlights the key capabilities that teachers and students depend on daily. For instance, Writer's word typesetting and spell check functions can significantly increase study productivity and knowledge output. Knowledge may be effectively shared and preserved by converting Spreadsheets, Presentations, and Word documents to and from PDF files. The most recent versions of LaTeX formulas, geometric diagrams, and other tools can satisfy the needs of experts in various academic disciplines.

It is easy to use:

To cater to the needs in all facets of the education industry, the WPS Office application offers a complete collection of free collaborative work tools like Writer, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Mind Map, and WPS Docs. The startup speed is rapid, while the installation package is compact. Because of its low memory and performance needs, you can quickly execute complex procedures and calculations with WPS Office.

It allows the student to deliver work from anywhere anytime:

The Word, Excel, and PowerPoint components of WPS Office are fully compatible with various office suites, including Microsoft Office, Google Docs, LibreOffice, and Adobe PDF. WPS supports Windows, Mac, and Linux on PCs, iOS, and Android on mobile devices and online editing on the webpage version for people involved in education, such as trainers, teachers, and students. We will assist you in realizing intelligent education and learning on all platforms as we enter the era of online courses. Free version allows you to use every feature you need at the start.

It allows quick and secure collaboration among team members:

The students can build team docs and exchange documents for course materials and collaborative work. Students working in a team on different projects can work concurrently online, synchronize changes quickly, and document the process. The teacher can quickly analyze, annotate, and summarise team materials using WPS Office. WPS Cloud Docs offers setting document permissions to preserve every piece of knowledge acquired and maintain data security.

Combined display:

WPS Office has transformed online dry classes into more engaging and creative learning experiences by making them aesthetically appealing or tailoring the instruction to the student's needs. Sway, a recently released piece of software that enables students to create interactive projects by fusing text and media, is used to accomplish this.

It saves time:

WPS Office's robust tools make organizing everything in one spot easy. They support teachers unable to collaborate face-to-face due to the pandemic by organizing lessons, assigning homework, and collaborating with other teachers and administrators via Plc groups. The teachers only need to enter the data into the system; they don't need to take much time to gather, arrange, and process a lot of data.


As mentioned above, the importance of easy to use, secure, and quick WPS office for students became prominent with the sudden onset of the global pandemic Covid-19. During the social-distancing pandemic, organizations and educational institutes were temporarily closed to stop the spread of the virus.

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