WPS Office vs LibreOffice in 2021: Which one is better for you?

March 29, 2022

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Nowadays, more and more office software appears in front of us, and how to choose an office software that suits us is particularly important. Today, I will recommend two easy-to-use software to you, namely WPS Office and LibreOffice in 2021. According to the following introduction, you can choose one of the ones that are better for your day-to-day work.

WPS Office and LibreOffice have very similar functions and both are powerful office software with Writer, Spreadsheet(Calc ) and Powerpoint(Impress) for free, but they have their characteristics. The following are the introductions about WPS Office and LibreOffice in 2021.

Ø Advantages of WPS Office in 2021

Low memory footprint in WPS Office in 2021

In our daily work, we need to edit many documents. If we are editing documents with high memory, it is low work efficiency. WPS Office in 2021 provides you with a feature that you can edit documents with low memory.

Fast running speed in WPS Office in 2021

WPS Office in 2021 can run smoothly although you are editing a document with high memory.

Multiple cloud functions in WPS Office in 2021

WPS Office Cloud in 2021is an online cooperative document that users can store, share and cooperate documents, which is available for users to edit a document with other people at the same time and make comments in the document. It is convenient for users to work anytime and anywhere.

Various templates in WPS Office in 2021

There are all kinds of templates in WPS Office in 2021. When we have no idea how to make a nice-looking Powerpoint or Resume, a variety of templates inthe Template store can be selected in WPS Office in 2021.

Ø Advantages of LibreOffice in 2021

No licensing fees in LibreOffice in 2021

Users can use LibreOffice for free. Some Advanced Features that require payment in other office software is for free in LibreOffice, such exporting to PDF documents.

Multi-languagesupport in LibreOffice in 2021

LibreOffice's user interface, including spell checking, word breaking rules, and thesaurus, supports more than 100 official languages and dialects.

Consistent user interface in LibreOffice in 2021

All components have a similar look and feel between them, making them easier to use and master.

High compatibility in LibreOffice in 2021

LibreOffice in 2021 supports not only general document formats but also other document formats, such as Microsoft Office, HTML, XML, PDF, etc..

Ø Available devices for WPS Office in 2021 and LibreOffice in 2021

WPS Office in 2021 can be used on a different devices, such as Windows、Linux、Android、iOS, etc..

LibreOffice in 2021 can be used on Microsoft Windows, GNU or Linux and macOS .

Ø What is LibreOffice in 2021?

The functions of LibreOffice are similar to WPS Office in 2021. LibreOffice also is a free and free all-around office software. Its purpose is to do more, easier, quicker and smarter.

That's so much about today's introduction about WPS Office and LibreOffice in 2021. If you are interested in more details about WPS Office and LibreOffice in 2021, you can learn from WPS Academy!

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WPS office in 2021 is redefining the way of working. It takes 3 minutes to understand the all in one way of working, which will be of great help to your office efficiency, because the time saved by efficiency will make you more relaxed and free in the workplace. The field of document processing has been further broadened: the processing power of documents, tables, presentations, and PDFs is stronger and more efficient.