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WPS Top 10 Customer satisfaction Survey Excel Templates

September 28, 2022

Customer satisfaction survey excel template is the term mostly used in marketing; it is used for examining products and services delivered by a company to meet the standards of customer satisfaction. It is a questionnaire designed by the company for their customers to get feedback from them related to their products. These surveys help in improving your products and business.

Customer satisfaction survey excels templates are used to collect the feedback of the customers. WPS Office has many customer-related templates that you can use to improve your professional business and it also lets your customers remain with you.

Some of the basic templates are…

1.Customer satisfaction survey excel template

As the name suggests this excel template is used for survey of customer satisfaction. This template is in the form of a questionnaire, survey is done through this excel template which is very easy to edit and simple to use.

2.Customer feedback report form excel template

This template is used for finding out the feedback about your products from your customers. This template is the most popular excel template as it pinpoints where the company is lacking and what improvements should be done.

3.User experience questionnaire excel template

This template is in the form of a questionnaire, it is also a survey type of questionnaire template, and questions are asked about the product appearance, product interface and its functions.

4.Customer management system excel template

This template is used for managing the customers; it is step by step process which involves customer information checklist, customer information inquiry, customer consumption record and instructions.

5.Customer complaint record list excel template

Customer complaint record template is used for recording the complaints of their customers about their products and services. It is simple to use and easy to edit.

6.Customer registration form excel template

Whenever new customer purchases any product, they are asked about the basic information for their registration in company services.

7.Company customer order analysis form excel template

This template is used for analysing company customer orders. It has columns for order code, customer name, and city, order amount, delivery fee and prepaid.

8.Customer contact record excel template

Customer contact record template is used for saving data of new customers of the company; this helps the customers in getting offers and news about sales etc. while company keep record of their loyal customers.

9.Simple fresh CRM record excel template

This template is also used for keeping record of the customers.

10.Customer complaint feedback handling sheet excel template

This template is used for handling feedbacks of the customer’s complaints. This template is simple to use and easy to edit.

Customer satisfaction survey excels templates are the base of any business to grow because if your customers are not happy with the products then why will they buy the product, therefore these surveys are very important. High satisfaction means greater customer withholding, therefore it is important to keep your existing customers and retain the new ones.

WPS Office has many professionally designed templates, so get them now or download WPS Office.

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