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Top 10 Excel Survey Template With Drop

August 29, 2022

Excel's drop-down lists allow us to choose values from the list box and make our work easier. WPS Office excel survey template with drop-down lists are generally used by organizations like data entry, medical transcription, or data dashboards to choose and update validation data more easily.

There are various forms you can create in WPS Office, such as data entry forms and calculators. The use of these types of forms makes it easier to enter data. In addition to saving you time, it also simplifies the process. Have a look at the list of ten excel survey template with drop-down list!

1.Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer satisfaction survey templates from WPS Office let you measure how satisfied your existing customers are with your brand, business, and initiatives.

2.Appraisal Record for Supplier Survey

An evaluation of suppliers and an appraisal of suppliers are words used in business to refer to the process of evaluating and accepting suppliers based on quantitative factors.

3.Natural Light Yellow Sunshine Drops Letter

When you purchased your home, the amount of natural light it receives probably played an important role. Surely you have enjoyed many afternoons in your rear/side room, a little piece of heaven, basking in the sunshine. Losing that would be extremely upsetting.

4.Abstract Colorful Ink Drops Letter

With big titles, your audience will be able to see clearly what you want to highlight throughout the presentation.

5.Year-end Inventory Analysis

It is a document that determines the level of inventory and tracks the turnover of that inventory. Using an inventory template, managers have a single sheet of paper showing their monthly and hourly inventory details.

6.Turkey Thanksgiving Poster

The holiday of Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and there is much to do to prepare. Thanksgiving is a stressful time of year, but don't let creating the poster add to the stress. You can use WPS Office to create many thanksgiving themed posters, and you can edit them quickly and easily.

7.Orange Turkey Thanksgiving Card

Templates for Thanksgiving can be used for a variety of purposes by people who need a thematic template for the occasion. Using these types of Thanksgiving templates or Christmas templates (or whatever theme or holiday you are applying) will save you time on design. 

8.Shopping List with Calculator

If you need to buy something for your pantry, closet, or office, you can use the Shopping List Cost Calculator Template for Excel Online. The shopping list cost calculator can help you stay within your budget, regardless of whether it is for personal or professional use.

9.Hand-Dawn Holi Poster Template

The Holi Festival is coming! With this hand-dawn holi poster template, you can promote your super event with drops that will catch your audience's attention.

10.Dawn Building Business Summary Report Template

Reports with simple, elegant designs and creative data visualizations are guaranteed to impress stakeholders. Try this building summary report template!

Wind Up

The WPS Office provides a variety of templates for conducting surveys in a typical official setting. For organizations, these Excel Survey Template with Drop-Down List serve a number of purposes, such as understanding the effectiveness of their systems and processes from the viewpoint of their employees. Download the WPS Office in your devices and enjoy its different templates.

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