WPS Top 10 Excel Diet plan Templates

September 28, 2022

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A Diet plan is the overall health status of the individual; these excel diet plan templates are made for achieving different healthy and metabolic goals. What you eat throughout the day i.e. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks are a calculated diet plan.

Diet plan excel templates are customizable templates of WPS Office, which are easy to edit and print, they have colourful meal templates that will attract you to monitor your diet, some of the free downloadable diet plan templates are…

1.Excel of weekly diet plan template

This excel template is used for planning your diet on weekly basis. This template has days and meals on its columns. You have to enter the data of your diet and you will be able to get the organized weekly diet plan.

2.Weekly diet control record excel template

This excel template is used for keeping record of the weekly diet control. It has days and meals, it also has weight column in which you can add the weight loss through diet control.

3.Fitness food plan excel template

This template is used for keeping yourself fit through food plan, it also contains the column for menu and how it is cooked. It also adds the starting data and the end date of the food plan.

4.Weekly meal planner excel template

This excel template is the weekly meal planner, it has days and within the days the meal are added. It also has grocery list column of the meals.

5.Weekly fitness diet excel template

This excel template is used for weekly fitness diet. It is creative template; it has columns for meals and days.

6.Fitness weekly diet excel template

This template is colourful weekly diet plan. You can customize this template according to your meals.

7.Daily food dairy excel template

This template is the daily calories calculator of your diet plan. It tells you how much calories in each meal and in its ingredients.

8.Diet and exercise schedule excel template

This excel template is used for analysing your diet and exercise schedule. It helps you out in managing your meal plans a week before. It is easy to use and simple to edit.

9.Simple purple fitness plan excel template

This excel template is purple in appearance; it is used for scheduling sessions of physical exercises. This template helps in maintaining balanced exercise plans.it contains personal information i.e. gender, age, height, unit and BMI. It also tracks fitness of body parts.

10.Yellow fitness plan excel template

This excel template is yellow in colour, it is accessible template used for keeping your record of weight, exercises, diet and more activities. Templates are very convenient for managing your time and set your goals week by week. Grab this template and enter your meals for your stress-free eating meals.

Utilizing diet plan excel templates manage your eating behaviour, exercises, and your life style towards healthy well-being. Templates help you to consume balanced nutrients, and stay motivated.

For more templates, visit online or download WPS Office for free.