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WPS top 10 Excel gantt chart free templates

September 28, 2022

Gantt chart excel templates is the bar chart illustration of project management; it helps in developing and handling projects of all sizes. A Gantt chart has two axes, the horizontal and the vertical axis. The horizontal axis shows the duration of the project while the vertical axis shows the project tasks.

WPS Office has designed many free Gantt chart templates which you can use for scheduling your projects, it helps you save your time and money as it does not let you spend your money on useless resources.

Some of the basic Gantt charts excel templates are as follows…

1.Excel project Gantt chart template

This excel template is used for many projects; it is simple to use and easy to edit.so download now and make your project accessible.

2.Excel Gantt chart template

This excel template is used for calculating the time spend on completion of a specific project, it contains start date, end date, item and completion rate.

3.Excel construction schedule Gantt chart template

This template is used for construction projects, it gives complete idea of when will the project executed and in how much estimated resources.

4.Excel Project Gantt chart template

This excel template is divided into different phases; it contains all the details of the project. It organizes sequence of activities over a given time period.

5.Excel red simple Gantt chart template

This excel WPS Gantt chart template is used for project handling, it also tells you the completion of the project through a timeline chart. It is very simple form of excel Gantt chart.

6.Excel simple monthly Gantt chart template

This excel template calculates and manage monthly projects; it contains twelve months of a year and tasks. It Is simple and customizable.

7.Excel project management Gantt chart template

As the name suggests this excel Gantt chart template is used for managing a project. It contains column for planned and actual duration of a project, status and current week.

8.Excel progress Gantt chart with events template

This excel Gantt chart template is used for giving a complete progress report of a project, it also has events related to the project. It contains categories of planning meeting, business concept, and specification, developing, training and testing.

9.Excel planning Gantt chart template

This excel Gantt chart template is sued for planning a project, it contains the tasks and the time duration of a project. It can easily be edited and is customizable.

10.Excel sales activity Gantt chart template

This excel Gantt chart template explains the sales activity of a project over a specific time period. It illustrates through timeline chart that which tasks were completed in how much time.

Templates are very important as it gives you an overall summary of the project within less time, and you can visually get an idea of your project completion. WPS Office has many Gantt chart excel free templates which you can use for your project, visit online or download WPS Office to grab your favourite templates.

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