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WPS Top 10 Gantt chart Templates critical path

September 28, 2022

WPS has made life easy for people in business, students, staff, and professional people. One is the Gantt chart templates critical path that WPS has introduced in its templates which manages the projects in a specific time. Gantt charts are used for the illustration of the projects. The horizontal lines show the work completed in the period allocated to that project.

Gantt chart templates critical path is the phenomenon in which delay occurs in the sequence of tasks related to the projects. WPS has tremendous templates of Gantt chart critical path,  some of most popular Gantt chart excels free templates are listed below….

1.Excel project Gantt chart template

This type of excel Gantt chart is used by the project managers in order to progress project visibility. It is also used for setting up projects.

2.Excel Gantt chart template

It is very simple form of excel chart template. It only includes the start time, end time and the completion time i.e. in how much time did the project completed.

3.Excel construction schedule Gantt chart template

It is clear from the name itself that this type of Gantt chart is very important as it is used in construction projects. It plays vital role in maintaining the project tasks assigned to the labours or employees. Bars in the template chart show the start and end of the work in a specific period of time.

4.Excel Project Gantt chart template

As the name indicates it is used in projects.it helps in completing the work within the specific deadline. It plans and schedules the project.

5.Excel red simple Gantt chart template

This template is beautiful red in colour. You can easily edit it in the WPS for your project. The example in this template is given about the building a bat suit. The bars in the template chart show the time taken in finishing the specific task.

6.Excel simple monthly Gantt chart template

In this template months are mentioned and the tasks of the projects. That how much time did a task took in completing i.e. in how many months a specific task did took time.

7.Excel project management Gantt chart template

Project management template bar graphs helps in managing projects and indicates, hours, weeks and months taken for completing a job.

8.Excel progress Gantt chart with events template

This template shows the manager that how much progress has been done in an event.

9.Excel planning Gantt chart template

This Gantt chart template is very much in detail as it provides the options of tasks, duration of the time taken for a task and months and its weeks.

10.Excel sales activity Gantt chart template

Sales activity Gantt chart template is used for the activity of the sales, it shows in percentage that how much sale have a specific product done.

These were some of the free excel formula sheets,  There are many other templates that you can use online or you can also download the WPS Office for hundreds of Gantt chart critical path templates for your daily tasks and professional life.

So, Download now and get voluminous templates

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