10 Must-Have Paperless Office Software

July 31, 2023 1.3K views

A decision to eliminate the use of paper in your office comes with a lot of benefits. It may seem impossible, as most operations within any enterprise are dependent on paper. However, there is an abundance of paperless office software to aid any business in transit into being paperless.

However, with so many options, you might feel overwhelmed, and not certain which are the most important. So, in this article, we will be looking at 10 must-have paperless office software that would eliminate papers in documentation, finance, project management, filing systems, and presentation in your business.

1. WPS Office

WPS Office is a powerful paperless office software that offers multiple solutions, which aid businesses, solopreneurs, and enterprises to completely digitalize key operations. With more than 1 billion installations, this powerful software is easy to use and is compatible with Microsoft products like MS word and PowerPoint.

Primarily, with WPS Office, users can create, read and share all forms of office documents, including presentations and spreadsheets. It is a paperless office software that is compatible with both Windows and Linux-based PCs as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.


WPS office boasts thee categories of solutions. These include WPS Writer, WPS Presentation, and WPS Spreadsheet. These cater to all the documentation needs and firms helping them go paperless. Also, with this paperless office software, users are not constrained in terms of language as WPS can be used with 46 languages.

Data are stored in the Cloud on WPS, ensuring the safety of your work and ease of access to them from any device. They also offer thousands of templates that cover practically all office needs, from CV and resume templates to business proposals among others.

WPS offers integrated search engines for their writer and presentation solutions. Other important features include an image-to-text converter PDF converter and document-sharing capabilities without internet connectivity.


  • WPS is compatible with Microsoft 365 solutions.

  • The basic edition of this paperless office software is free.

  • Ease of installation s well as ease of use.

  • Multi-device compatibility.

  • Extensive user support.

2. Adobe Export PDF

Adobe export PDF is a paperless Office software, which is part of the service provided by Adobe Acrobat. With it, you can convert documents in the portable document folder into editable Microsoft Word, Excel, and RTF (rich text format) documents.

The best format to transfer documents within and outside your organization is PDF. However, edits and changes to these documents might require you to convert them back to editable formats. Hence Adobe Export PDF is a very important paperless office software you need to have.


Adobe Acrobat Export can convert pdf files with content written in most western languages including English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, and Japanese. OCR(Optical character recognition) is also available for these languages.  

With this paperless office software, you can convert most of the PDF files that exist today, including files containing scanned documents.

Your subscription gives you access to extra premium services, which is summarily 10 transactions every 7 days. These services include conversion, file compressing, and file organization.


  • Sufficient technical support for users through online HELP, information article, and active online forums

  • Unlimited conversion from PDF for clients who subscribe

  • Easy-to-use paperless office software

  • Simple interface

  • Cheap


  • Adobe Export cannot convert PDF files that are locked with a password; PDF files that require permission to print, copy or alter, PDF portfolios, and all pdf files created from adobe illustrator.

3. Fluix

When it comes to digitalizing your entire business, and eliminating paper at different levels, then Fluix is your best option. It offers multiple services that cut across several operations within a business.

As a paperless office software, Fluix services are divided into two, Workflow automation and digital transformation. The services offered in Digital transformation help enterprises manage folders, copies, forms, and other important documents while notifying all the members of a team.


Fluix features amazing e-form services. Team members can fill out forms from any location. Fluix e-form services come with automated calculations and respondents can take pictures and upload them directly to the form.

Other features include instant sharing of files across the board with notification of changes made. Fluix also allows you to assign tasks and set up deadlines. A very powerful paperless office software.

Summarily with Flui, you have instant file sharing, task automation, approval management, and team collaboration. It is an effective paperless office software built with the intent to help businesses digitalize.


  • Fluix offers real-time field data

  • It integrates with mobile phones for data collection

  • Easy-to-use paperless office software

  • Free subscription without Card

4. The Neat Company

Bookkeeping is key to every business. Going paperless with it would therefore require the best of paperless office software, one that would not only make the process simple but also flawless and Neat provides both of these functions.

Neat Company provides a revolutionary service for business owners, and entrepreneurs to manage both complicated and simple book-keeping, customer payments, and extensive financial records. The software is relied upon by thousands of companies.


Neat is a paperless office software that is cloud-based. Users have access to unlimited file storage, and with it, you can set your finances in order, by tracking and managing, and centralizing it making it easy to file a tax report.

Some of the other services you will get from using this awesome paperless office software are custom invoicing, online payments, file sharing, and collaboration among principals. The user interface is simple and easy to navigate, and your data is protected with bank-level security encryptions.

You can access Neat from anywhere. More importantly, they provide robust online help online, through chat support and unlimited email.


  • Offers users real-time visibility into an organisation’s expenses, spending sales, and income tax.

  • Paperless office software that aids easy filing, reporting, and financial assessment.

  • It is one of the most powerful yet easy-to-use paperless office software.

  • Their patented technology accurately extracts the required information from your uploaded document.

  • Neat allows users to upload receipts and other important documents securely from both mobile devices and scanners.


  • You are expected to pay extra for some very important add-ons you might need.

5. Microsoft Word

The importance of documenting and writing things down cannot be overstated in any business. Eliminating papers from this process requires the best paperless office software, and our top pick is Microsoft word.

Microsoft word is a word-processing software that comes both independently and also as part of the Microsoft Office suite of productivity software. It is often referred to as Word or MS word.

Since 1983, when it was launched, several versions of this paperless office software have been released with the latest being offered as part of Microsoft Office 365 which is a cloud-based service that grants users access to a host of other Microsoft software.


MS word as a paperless office software boasts menus like font color, font size, alignment, bullets, header, etc. The insert options allow you to add tables, shapes, headers, footer page numbers, etc, into your document.

With page layout, you can set your document to either landscape or portrait. You can also format your document to any standard required and set your page to any standard size. Multiple people can work on the same document.

Other important features include an option to work in dark mode, availability of stock media, a smart search to help you find keys, line focus an updated draw tab.


  • With MS Word, everything displayed on the screen is the same when you print out your document.

  • Content copied and pasted from MS Word to other platforms retains its formatting.

  • It is easy to use.

  • Built-in dictionary aids in spell checking.

  • Available on both Mac and Windows Systems.


  • A very expensive paperless office software. Its free trial lasts only for a month.

  • It is packed with so many features. Most users only get to learn how to use just the basic ones.

6. Microsoft PowerPoint

Presentations are an important activity in an enterprise. Traditionally, creating presentations were an ordeal, usually requiring large paper flip chart and slide projectors. However with amazing paperless office software like PowerPoint, presentations have become easier, dare says even more fun.

Powerpoint is a powerful presentation program, and part of the Microsoft suite of office software. It is designed for use as an electronic presentation made up of a series of slides.

With PowerPoint, everything presentation can be created from complex pith decks design to simple and short presentations in-office meetings.

You can purchase PowerPoint as stand-alone software, much like MS Word, or buy Microsoft 365, which gives you access to it and other important software to aid in your going paperless.


Presentations can either be created from scratch or built on your choice of template from the many that come with the software.

You can add text, images, videos, and art to your design. These elements can be edited to a certain degree depending on which. The software also comes with several options for animations of the several elements in your presentation as well as a rich library of transition effects between slides.

Other important features include audio file management, image editing, offline editing, a rich media library, productivity tools, template management, video support, and search/filter.


  • Users get complete control over their design.

  • High level of customization.

  • Relatively easy to learn.

  • Templates make it easy for non-designers to create professional presentations.


  • Powerpoint has many features that users might find hard to understand.

  • PowerPoint is not free software although it comes with 1-month free usage.

7. Adobe Acrobat Reader

The invention of PDF (abbreviation for Portable Document Format) by Adobe launched the paper-to-digital revolution. This ultimately made Adobe Acrobat one of the most important paperless office software any enterprise should have.

Adobe Acrobat reader is one of the major services of Adobe Acrobat. It is a free desktop software that can be used to view, print, annotate, sign, and share PDF files. It is the prime paperless office software and can open all types of PDFs.


Adobe reader features an easy-to-use interface, that allows you to read and perform other tasks o your PDF document. It works with the Adobe Document Cloud services. So, you can sign in from any device to access your documents.

The mobile version of this paperless office software is available to download for both Android and iOS devices. The mobile apps are intuitive and simple as the desktop software.


  • An easy-to-use paperless office software.

  • An intuitive interface that supports all readership.

  • Printing, annotating, and other functions are quite simple.

  • Acroba cloud service makes it easy for you to access your documents on any device.

  • It is a completely free paperless office software.


  • Adobe reader is independent software that offers peculiar services for PDFs. If you wish to convert your documents, you have to purchase Adobe PDF Export.

8. Jot Form

For specialized paperless office software dedicated to the management of forms, Jot form builder can be used. Forms are an important requirement in data requisition. From the collection of data to analysis, the entire process can be complicated, especially when it is done with papers.

Jotform builder makes the creation and publication of forms easy, from any device, mobile, or system. Jot form builder is being used by thousands of businesses all around the world.


Jot form is an amazing paperless office software that allows multiple users, making it perfect for teams. By simply creating multiple user accounts and granting permissions to team members, the entire process is made easy.

The platform offers a dashboard from which you can control all your forms, making it easy for you to manage multiple forms from one place.

Users are offered dedicated cloud servers, meaning you can access your data from anywhere and on any device.

Jotform is an effective paperless office software that provides you with a personal branding option for your forms.


  • Easy to use.

  • Cross-platform integration.


  • Jotform builder is an expensive paperless office software.

9. Docu Sign

Businesses are built upon agreements,  agreements between employees and employers; between businesses, among others. This requires a whole of paperwork. However, with the advent of e-agreement, Docu Sign is an important paperless office software thousands of businesses use.

DocuSign is a platform that provides solutions that aid a cost-effective way of signing and transferring documents. It boasts a wide range of products that encompasses signatures, contracts, identity verification, and clickwraps.


DocuSign is an effective paperless office software for both e-signature and electronic notarization, all on the platform without the need for papers.

It covers all sorts of contractual agreements including human resources, legal, procurement, and sales. With this paperless office software, you can manage the entire contractual process, simplifying it, all within a well-secured and easy-to-use platform.


  • DocuSign supports a wide range of language

  • A wonderful client support system

  • It covers a wide range of service

  • Cross-platform integration with other paperless office software

10. eFile Cabinet

Filing has come a long way. From cabinets, and manila folders to e-folders and documents made popular by the advent of the computer. One of the biggest drives toward digitization is the burden of the old ways of filing. A paperless office software like eFile Cabinet offers business owners the best solutions for filing.

eFile Cabinet is a document management software solution, businesses use to manage documents with ease and efficiency. As a paperless office software, it offers automation, which cuts down both cost and time. It also offers customizability, making it perfect for most industries.


Paperless office software that offers smart automation through Rubex, their AI management system that automatically recognizes your files, and names and stores them based on the content of the files.

Their system has multiple templates that you can choose from to help organize your files, including pre-defined names for your folder and files cutting down the time required so you can focus on more important aspects of your business.

Your files are well secured within their system and you are allowed to grant permission to those you wish to access documents.


  • Ease of use

  • Automatic backup of folders to the cloud

  • Cross-platform capabilities with other paperless office software

  • Ease of download


  • It can be costly, depending on the size of your business.

Preferred Paperless Office Software

The digitalization of your office is heavily dependent on paperless office software. The 12 software discussed in this article is a great place to start from. Our preferred software is the WPS as it is a great place to start from. Spreadsheets, presentations, and word editing are the building blocks upon which every other software will be built. Learn more about WPS Office and begin using its free edition immediately.        

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