Top 8 Programs Must Have Windows 7 (2024)

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Windows 7 was a popular operating system, but its support officially ended in January 2020. Despite this, many users rely on it due to familiarity, hardware limitations, and other notable factors. While Windows 7 is no longer supported, users face security risks due to a lack of updates, making it crucial to select programs carefully.

They ask themselves: what programs must have Windows 7. In this article, you can get to know what programs must have Windows 7.

Part 1. Top 8 Programs Must have Windows 7

Although Windows 7 is considered relatively outdated now, many people still use it because of its features, familiarity, and much more. They often consider what Windows 7 programs must have. If you also have the same thoughts, here is your complete list of must have Windows 7 programs, along with their pros and cons.

#1.Web Browsers: Google Chrome

Google Homepage

First released in 2008, Google Chrome has been one of the must have Windows programs. It can help you access the internet and run web-based applications without a hassle. There is no doubt that Google Chrome is definitely essential for your system.


Here are some of the benefits of using Google Chrome as a must have Windows 7 program.


Google Chrome can be easily customized for your choice. You can choose among several layouts and formats to add a personal touch. This way, users feel very comfortable using Google Chrome.


Google Chrome is termed to be one of the easiest-to-use programs on Windows 7. It ensures that users with or without prior experience of using Google can get answers to their queries effectively.


Google Chrome is one of the easiest-to-use browsers, and it provides quick results for its users. It has unmatched speed that many other browsers may not come close to. It can fetch results faster than any other browser.


Here are some of the benefits of using Google Chrome as a must have Windows 7 program.

Privacy Concerns

Google is notorious for selling the data of their users to the marketeers based on your online searches, purchases, and submissions. That is why users are usually astonished by the ads that they may receive because of their browser.

High Ram Consumption

Google Chrome is known to provide fast and effective results, but it all comes at a cost. It can take up too much space on your RAM, which may lead to problems, especially as a must have Windows 7 program.

Manual Default Setting

Many people are very concerned about making Google Chrome their primary browser. Yes, Google Chrome is easy to use but you may find difficulties when you have to set it up as your default browser.

#2. Security Software: Avast

”Avast Homepage”

Avast is another one of must have Windows 7 programs. It is best known for protecting computers against viruses and malware. There are many premium and free features that can help you feel secure with Avast.


Here are some of the most notable benefits of using Avast on your Windows 7.

Easy to Use

Many antivirus programs can be complicated but Avast focuses on user-friendliness. You can easily run a scan and protect your computer against attacks. It can be a great way to protect your Windows 7 with ease.

Refund Policy

Avast has a great refund policy for any customer who may not be satisfied with their services. They offer a 30-day refund policy. So that you can get your money back if you are not satisfied with their service.

Good Support

You can access Avast Support at any time. They have their representatives available to ensure that the customers feel welcome to share their problems. You can also use its ticketing and number system to get in touch.


These are some considerable cons of using Avast as a must have program on Windows 7.

Tricky Installation

Many people find Avast hard to use as a desktop version as they may not know how to install it. However, it is one of the must have Windows 7 programs. You may feel uncomfortable using it if you do not find it for your system

Uneven Details

There are many people, especially professional programmers who claim that there are many details about Avast that are uneven. Hence, it can be improved on the nitty gritty details for better use.

Wrong Detection

It is not a frequent problem but many users believe that Avast can sometimes detect wrong threats. It may delete the wrong files or block the wrong websites from time to time. This feature must be improved.

#3.Office Suite: WPS Office

”WPS Office Homepage”

Whether you are a college student or a professional, you can use WPS Office to meet all your productivity needs. It is an application software that is a must have Windows 7 program for day-to-day use.


Here are some considerable benefits of WPS Office as one of the must have Windows 7 programs.

User Friendly

One of the biggest benefits of using WPS Office on Windows 7 is that it is user friendly. You can use it with ease and excel at all the features without a hassle. There is no learning curve to be concerned about.

Seamless Viewing

WPS Office is the first choice for many people as a PDF viewer. Millions of users worldwide agree that it gives you seamless features not only to view but to share and edit documents as well.

Free Templates

Another outstanding feature of WPS is that it offers free templates for users. Unlike other boring productivity tools, WPS Office can suit the needs of every user to ensure that they have a personalized look for their programs.


You may want to consider these considerable disadvantages of WPS Office.

Visual Limitations

There are many users who have some problems with the visuals of WPS Office. Users can appreciate a few tools for more appealing infographics, charts, and designs for better use.

Lack of Document Security

Some users feel that the security of their documents is not up to the mark. It can be a big concern for users that send and receive sensitive data. This sector of the WPS Office may need some improvement.

No Automatic Updates

Users want WPS Office to be automatically updated instead of checking for updates manually. This feature can genuinely take a lot of burden from their shoulders and add to their productivity.

#4.Media Player: 5KPlayer

5kPlayer Homepage

The 5kPlayer is one of the most frequently used tools that is a must have Windows 7 programs. You can use it to play MKV, FLV, UHD, 1080 HD, 720 p, videos, radios, and many more types of media.


You may want to consider the following benefits of using 5kPlayer as your media partner.

High-Quality Playback

From 5k videos to MKV, FLV, and many other features, there are many reasons why a 5kPlayer is a top choice for users. It supports a variety of video and audio formats for high-quality playback.

DLNA Streaming

5kPlayer makes it easy for users to steam videos, music, photos, and many other media forms. You can also shift it to your Apple devices using AirPlay and the DLNA streaming facilities and technology.

Video Downloading

It allows you to easily download videos from your favorite platforms such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and much more. You can play these videos without the internet after downloading.


Here are some considerable cons of using 5kPlayer as a must have Windows 7 program.

Limited Support

Many users love 5kPlayer because of a variety of support. However, some lesser-known formats still need to be incorporated in it. Some users still deal with such limitations.

Complex Interface

Users who like organized things may find the 5kPlayer to be very messy to use. So many icons and options can overwhelm the users, and they may not be at ease with this problem.

Intense Consumption

5kPlayer may not be as efficient on devices with lower space. It can hinder the performance of the device and make it harder for you to multitask. Therefore, you may need a device with higher specifics for its smooth use.

#5.PDF Reader: WPS PDF

WPS PDF homepage

WPS PDF is one of the most popular tools among people who need to be productive every day. It is a perfect alternative to other free and paid PDF readers because of its several features.


Here are some undeniable benefits of using WPS PDF for everyday use.

User-friendly Interface

WPS PDF is easy to navigate for users of every class. It does not take long for one to learn how to use WPS PDF due to its user-friendly interface. It makes viewing, editing, and sharing PDFs easy and hassle-free.

Editing Features

You can edit your PDF files in several ways with WPS PDF. There are options for you to update your layouts, add watermarks, annotate documents, add comments, and so much more.

Efficient Conversion

You can easily convert PDF files into several other mediums with the help of WPS PDF. These formats can meet your different productivity needs and make it easier for you to focus on creating great results.


Here are some cons of using WPS PDF for everyday use.

Limited Features

Some users may feel that the features of WPS PDF are limited in some ways. You may not have access to the advanced features offered. In addition, it may also lack the advanced OCR recognition.

Less Compatible

WPS PDF supports a lot of famous platforms and formats. However, you may not be able to access the lesser known formats. That is why some users may face difficulty with this process.

Internet Requirement

Many features of WPS PDF are available for offline use. However, there are some features that require a constant internet connection. You may feel limited due to this problem with WPS PDF.

#6.Compression Tool: 7-Zip

”7-Zip Homepage”

7-Zip is one of the most famous open-source file achievers used to compress and uncompress files. It can help users save space on their disk, send, and receive files without a hassle.


Here are some notable benefits of using 7-zip as one of the must have Windows 7 programs.

Save Space

There are many files in every system that can be hard to store. Many people find it hard to manage space along with Windows 7 programs. Compressing files with 7-Zip can help you save up space.

Easy Communication

Smaller files can be sent and received without hassle. It also takes less time to download. This way, senders and receivers can enjoy the benefits of transferring without worrying about space restrictions.

Convenient Interface

The interface of 7-Zip is very easy to use. You can easily learn to use it to compress and uncompress files for use. This way, beginners and experts can quickly find a way around using 7-Zip.


Here are some limitations of 7-Zip you must consider.

Conversion Restrictions

Many people face problems with being able to replace or delete files in the archive without decompressing or compressing again. This limitation can frustrate the users, and they may look for better alternatives.

Time Taking

Many users may feel frustrated while using 7-Zip because it takes a lot of time to convert files, especially when dealing with larger files. It can delay their processes, which can be a bad sign.

Limited Support

7-Zip is not available on all operating systems. You can add it to the list of your must have Windows 7 programs, but you may need to check the requirements of your operating system before using the program.

#7.Image Editing: GIMP

”GIMP Website”

GIMP is another one of must have Windows 7 programs. It is a free and open-source tool used for editing images. You can use it with plug-ins as well. This way, you can enhance your productivity.


Here are some benefits of using GIMP.

Beginner Friendly

GIMP is one of the easiest-to-use image editors. Beginners can use this platform to hone their editing skills. After that, you can move to more complicated tools to try more features of image editors.

Small Size

GIMP is a small tool that does not take up a lot of space on your system. Hence, you will not have to worry about the storage. You can keep it on your computer without any worries about space.


Here are some of the most notable disadvantages of using GIMP.

Limited Plug-ins

Many people that want to add third-party plug-ins to GIMP face a lot of problems. GIMP comes with a very few plug-ins in the system.

Layer Restrictions

You may face complications if you are creating bigger images on GIMP. It may give you a hard time if you are trying to edit big images with many layers. It may not be able to handle anything other than 8-bit RGB.

#8.Cloud Storage: Google Drive

”Google Drive Homepage”

Google Drive is one of the most reliable and useful storage services used worldwide. It can be used for storage and synchronization of data. It can integrate with many formats to ensure users' ease on multiple devices.


Here are some benefits of using Google Drive to consider.

Easy to Use

Google Drive is very user-friendly. You can easily upload and share data with users. You can use Docs, Sheets, and many other built-in platforms to excel at different formats with ease.

Shareable Links

You can share links with the help of Google Drive instead of sharing files as a whole. This takes away the worries about downloading files, managing


Some cons of using Google Drive are mentioned below.

Dependence on Internet

When you send a link to someone, people appreciate the way that they can save up space. However, they may have a hard time opening files if they have a bad or non-existent internet connection.

Lack of Templates
People who like to make things creative and personalized may not appreciate Google Docs and its presentation. A lack of format and presentation can make users feel agitated.

Resonating Reminder:

You must consider many important things while downloading any Windows 7 programs. Make sure to consider these factors.

  • Compatibility with Windows 7.

  • Regular software updates for security

  • Use only trusted Sources to avoid malware.

  • Figure that resource usage to avoid strain on your system resources.

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Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about must have Windows 7 programs.

  1. What are the 10 best features of Windows 7?

Even when Windows 7 is outdated, there are millions of people who use it for so many reasons. Primarily, many people say that they are happy about the familiarity and enjoy the features of Windows 7.

Here are some of the notable features.

  • Quick Sidebar Preview

  • User-Friendly Taskbar

  • Window Action Center

  • New Themes

  • Better Speed

  • Higher Compatibility

  • Lower Hardware Requirements

  1. Is Windows 7 slower than 10?

Many people have experienced Windows 10 boot speed being slightly slower than Windows 7 when used under the same conditions. However, it may wake up from hibernation quicker than Windows 7. In addition, Windows 7 also takes less time to load programs.

Best Companion for Windows 7 – WPS Office

WPS Office Homepage

WPS Office Homepage

This article discusses must-have Windows 7 programs in detail. While many people go with Microsoft Office as their productivity partner, you may want to consider WPS Office as the best alternative.

It is a free-to-use and beginner-friendly platform that can help you unleash your productivity effectively. You can learn your way around WPS Office in Windows 7 in no time.

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