5 Free Small Business Spreadsheets for Income and Expenses Excel Download

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Managing the financial aspects of a small business is crucial for success. In this guide, we explore the reasons behind using a small business spreadsheet for income and expenses in Excel, offering practical solutions to streamline your financial management.

Part 1: Free Download Small Business Spreadsheet for Income and Expenses Excel

Unlock the potential of efficient financial management with WPS Office's selection of free downloadable templates tailored to various small business needs. Here are five frequently-used templates, each designed to streamline specific aspects of your business:

Business Accounting Report

Business Accounting Report


Elevate your financial analysis with the Business Accounting Report template. This comprehensive tool allows you to track and analyze your business's financial performance. With detailed financial categories and analysis sections, it's perfect for conducting insightful monthly or quarterly financial reviews.


  • Comprehensive financial tracking.

  • Detailed analysis sections.

  • Ideal for monthly or quarterly reviews.

Best For: Small businesses seeking comprehensive financial tracking and in-depth analysis, particularly those conducting regular monthly or quarterly financial reviews.

Business Trip Schedule

Business Trip Schedule


Streamline your business trips with the Business Trip Schedule template. This efficient tool helps you plan and organize your business travels effectively. Featuring sections for itinerary details, accommodation information, and expense tracking, it's an indispensable asset for seamless business trip management.


  • Efficient trip planning and organization.

  • Tracks itinerary details and expenses.

  • Useful before and during business trips.

Best For: Businesses with frequent travel needs looking to efficiently plan and organize business trips. Ideal for tracking itinerary details, managing accommodations, and monitoring expenses.

Business Wage Note

Business Wage Note


Simplify your payroll management with the Business Wage Note template. This user-friendly tool allows you to accurately record employee wages and deductions. With sections for employee details, working hours, and payment breakdown, it ensures precision in managing payroll processes.


  • Accurate recording of employee wages.

  • Breakdown of working hours and deductions.

  • Streamlined payroll management.

Best For: Companies with a structured payroll system aiming for accurate recording of employee wages and deductions. Suitable for streamlined payroll management.

Investment Income Budget Statement


Elevate your financial planning with the Investment Income Budget Statement template. This comprehensive tool empowers you to meticulously track your investment income, offering a clear overview of your financial gains. Easily manage and analyze your investment portfolio, ensuring strategic decision-making for a prosperous financial future.


  • Comprehensive Tracking: Easily monitor and manage your investment income for a clear financial overview.

  • Informed Decision-Making: Gain valuable insights into your portfolio, empowering strategic financial decisions.

  • Effortless Management: Simplify tracking investment income for efficient financial resource management.

  • Customizable: Tailor the template to your needs for a personalized approach.

Best For: Best for individuals seeking a detailed overview of their investment income, enabling strategic financial planning and decision-making.

Income and Expenditure Report


Take control of your finances with the Income and Expenditure Report template. This user-friendly tool simplifies the process of tracking your income and expenses, providing valuable insights into your financial health. Easily customizable and equipped with intuitive features, this template is your go-to solution for maintaining a detailed and organized record of your financial transactions.


  • Financial Clarity: Track income and expenses in one report for a transparent view of your financial health.

  • User-Friendly: Enjoy an intuitive template that simplifies recording and monitoring financial transactions.

  • Organized Records: Maintain a detailed record of income and expenses for efficient financial planning.

  • Adaptable: Benefit from a versatile template that flexibly tracks your unique financial circumstances.

Best For: Best for those aiming for financial clarity by efficiently tracking both income and expenses in one centralized report, facilitating transparent financial health assessment and planning.

Part 2: How to Make a Small Business Spreadsheet for Income and Expenses Excel

Creating a small business spreadsheet for income and expenses in Excel is a fundamental step in managing your finances effectively. Follow these steps to establish a comprehensive tool for financial tracking:

Step 1: Set Up Your Spreadsheet

Begin by opening a new Excel document. Label columns for income sources, such as sales, services, or other revenue streams. Create separate sections for fixed and variable expenses, ensuring a clear distinction.

Open Excel


Step 2: Input Income Sources

In the designated income section, input all sources of revenue. This may include sales figures, fees, or any other income your business generates. Ensure accuracy in recording amounts for each income source.

input outcome


Step 3: Outline Expense Categories

Define categories for your expenses, such as utilities, rent, supplies, and any other relevant costs. This categorization streamlines the tracking process and provides a clear overview of where your money is going.

outline expense


Step 4: Input Fixed Expenses

Enter fixed expenses that remain constant each month. These may include rent, insurance, or subscription fees. Clearly denote these to distinguish them from variable expenses.

Input fixed expense


Step 5: Input Variable Expenses

Record variable expenses, which may fluctuate month-to-month. Examples include office supplies, marketing costs, or travel expenses. Be thorough in listing all potential expenditures.

Step 6: Calculate Totals Utilize 

Excel formulas to calculate total income, total fixed expenses, total variable expenses, and the overall net income. Formulas ensure accurate calculations and provide real-time insights into your financial standing.

Calculate totals


Step 7: Regularly Update and Review

Consistently update your spreadsheet with new income and expenses. Regularly reviewing your financial data enables proactive decision-making and ensures that your spreadsheet remains an accurate reflection of your business's financial health.

Filling Out the Spreadsheet:

  • Regularly update income and expense entries to maintain accuracy.

  • Utilize color-coding for visual clarity in differentiating income and expense categories.

  • Periodically review and adjust budget allocations based on business fluctuations and goals.

By following these steps and incorporating best practices, you'll establish a robust small business spreadsheet in Excel, empowering you to effectively manage your income and expenses.

Part 3 :Why Choose WPS Office for Your Work?

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1. How to Insert a Logo in Excel

To insert a logo in Excel, open your spreadsheet and go to the "Insert" tab. Click on "Pictures," choose your logo file, and click "Insert." Resize and position the logo as needed, utilizing alignment and distribution tools for precision. Format the logo for aesthetics by adjusting brightness and contrast

Select picture

Select picture


2. How do I make my own expense tracker?

To make your own expense tracker, start by choosing a platform, such as Excel or a budgeting app. Create categories for expenses like groceries and rent. Set up a template with columns for date, category, description, and amount. Record transactions regularly and use formulas if using a spreadsheet to calculate totals. Review your tracker periodically, adjust your budget as needed, and explore apps with automation features for convenience. Maintain consistency to effectively manage your finances.


This article guides readers on efficiently managing small business finances with a focus on WPS Office. It introduces free downloadable templates for income and expenses in Excel, covering various business needs. The step-by-step guide facilitates the creation of personalized spreadsheets, ensuring accurate financial tracking.  As an essential tool for seamless financial management in small businesses, WPS Office  is compatible with Excel and offers a diverse template selection.

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