A Complete Guide On Windows 10 Sign Out Of Microsoft Account

July 31, 2023 3.9K views

In today's world, everyone is using Windows 10 operating system. When using Windows 10, you must sign in to your device using a Microsoft account. When setting up your Windows 10 computer, you're asked to sign in with a Microsoft account. This could be a Hotmail,, email address, or Skype account. Once you're signed in, Windows uses your Microsoft account name and password to log in automatically, which makes sense since that's how you access most of your apps and services. You can also log in from the lock screen using your Microsoft account.

But what if you want to log in with a local account instead? Or what if you want Windows 10 sign out of Microsoft account altogether? Here's how to do both.

How To Sign In With A Local Account Instead Of A Microsoft Account?

If you have a local account on your PC, you can sign in with that account instead of your Microsoft account. When prompted, just enter your local account name and password.

If you don't have a local account, you can create one by following these steps:

1. Select Sign in without a Microsoft account on the login screen.

2. Under Create a new account, select Get started.

3. Enter a username, password, and password hint, then select Next.

4. Follow the remaining prompts to finish setting up your account.

Windows 10 Sign Out Of Microsoft Account

If you want Windows 10 sign out of Microsoft account, you can do so by following these steps:

1. On the Start menu, select the Settings gear icon.

2. Select Accounts.

3. Under Your account, select Sign in with a local account instead.

4. Enter your Microsoft account password, and then select Sign out and finish.

5. Enter your local account name and password and select Sign in.

Remember that signing out of your Microsoft account will sign you out of all the Microsoft apps and services you're signed in to, including Outlook, OneDrive, and Skype. You'll also lose access to files or data synced with your Microsoft account.



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Wrap Up - Windows 10 Sign Out Of Microsoft Account

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