How to Log In and Use Word with ASU Account

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When it comes to affordability with feature-rich software, ASU Microsoft Office 365 is the latest version of Microsoft’s productivity that helps you to work with ease and comfort for free. There are few students and other people in academics who are not aware of how significant role asu word is playing in their life.

Arizona State University is the sole enterprise technology that is highly contributing to making all programs accessible with great convenience learning how to log in and use Word with an asu account for students, staff members and faculty to gain valuable skills for free with the help of world’s most popular productivity software – ASU Microsoft Office 365.

Part 1. What is ASU Word?

Arizona State University is recognized as an ASU enterprise technology that significantly contributes to providing Microsoft Office 365 for all students, faculty, and staff. In the ASU Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite, you can get the professional asu word program to create, edit, update, or effectively share your Word document.

Asu Word is a reliable tool that is available offline and online. The students, faculty, and staff of Arizona State University can use asu word software for free with great compatibility.

Part 2. How to get Word with ASU?

The latest version of Microsoft Office is the Microsoft Office 365 suite introduced by ASU Enterprise Technology, helping many students learn valuable skills while creating and editing their academic documents.

The asu Word is reliable and accessible; you can access it for free. If you are speculating how to login and use Word with an asu account, you can learn here with simple and easy steps. Keep reading to explore these simple steps of using the asu word to get help in the academic task!

Step 1: Consider going to and entering the required information for creating an account on Microsoft Office 365.

Step 2: Fill in the option with the ASU account email address, which is, to log in and use Word with the asu account.

Step 3: The Microsoft account creation box redirected you to the organization’s sign-in page. Wait for a while!

Step 4: The page of ASU account Microsoft Office 365 services will appear. It is up to you to choose the student, faculty, or staff option to sign in.

Step 5: Once you decide which option you will continue, you will be asked to fill in the ASURITE user ID and password to log into your My ASU account. And click on Sign in.

Part 3. Guide to Use Word with ASU

Here is a proper guide to learning how to log in and use Word with ASU that helps you provide a high-end functional editing toolbar. You can organize your work in a more efficient method by the use of Word with ASU.

The Asu Word can help you learn more valuable skills and share Word files freely. With the help of asu Word, students, faculty, teachers, and staff can assist themselves in developing innovative learning, presenting, and teaching methods.

Benefits of ASU Word

  • Effective Tools in Universities

  • Permanent Source of Saving Document

  • Environment-Friendly Tool

  • Generate Electronic Content

  • Time-Saving

  • Easy Sharing

  • Track Changes

Tools in ASU Microsoft Office 365

The asu Word is the program introduced by the ASU Enterprise Technology in ASU Microsoft Office 365 suite. The use of asu word processing applications is gaining popularity among students of universities and colleges, helping them to create and edit their academic document files and prepare lectures, presentations, meetings, data analysis, and calculations. The ASU Microsoft Office 365 offers essential rich-in features tools that add ease to your work.

  • Insertion of Hyperlink

You can right-click on the text on which you want to insert the link; once you are done with it, you will notice that the text inserted with the hyperlink will appear in a different color than other texts, and it is underlined. Hyperlinking in the ASU Word can help the readers to jump to different websites for more information.

  • Copy and Paste Function

If you have copied and want to paste it into the ASU Word document, click the past special function button in the text box. You can also use short keys like Ctrl + C for copying and Ctrl + V for pasting texts in the Word document from any other file wherever you want to paste.

  • Adding and Editing of Table

In the asu word document, if there is a need to add a table, you can simply go to the Insert option and select a number of rows and columns as per your need that creates a specific table or cell on which you can add your values easily.

Further, if you want to edit or remove the inserted table, you can simply right-click on the table and click on delete rows or columns. Editing in the asu Word is so easy that it can make your academic work look professional and productive.

  • Link Editing and Removal

For editing or removing the link that you have inserted in the word text, you can right-click on the linked text, go to the ‘Edit Hyperlink’ option and paste your desired link on the required link box. It will help you to make quick changes in your document.

  • Resizing of Editing Window

You can simultaneously resize the editing window while writing, editing, or changing anything in your ASU Word document file. You can get a full-screen view and return to its normal view mode by clicking the resize button.

Part 4. Best Free Alternative to Microsoft Office - WPS Office

WPS Office is the most efficient productivity suite available for free to use and edit individually and professionally. One of the convenient ways of adding efficiency to your work and study is the use of WPS Office, which is rich in features and essential tools. It is the best free alternative to Microsoft Office, which is way more reliable and accessible.

And productive software that offers flexibility to its users to create, edit, update, and share files freely, suitable for multiple devices and platforms.

Benefits of Using WPS Office

  • Free to Use

  • Safe and Stable

  • Less Crash Issue

  • Advance Features in Word, Excel, PPT, and PDF toolkit

  • Better Integration Function

  • Productive Functions

  • Free and Rich-Feature Templates

  • Essential Tools

  • Occupy a Small Amount of Computer Memory

  • Multi-Person Collaborative Editing

  • Supports iOS, Android, and Linus System

  • Strongly Suitable to all Document Formats

From the above-mentioned features, you can now comprehensively understand how significant and feature-rich WPS Office is. It will help you in your regular work-related tasks without disturbance and lagging.

Greater Compatibility with Microsoft Office

One of the best features that make WPS Office the best free alternative to Microsoft Office is its many impactful features and productivity tools. It is highly compatible with Microsoft Office that suits all Microsoft Office formats that are:

  • Word Processing

  • Creation of Spreadsheet

  • PowerPoint Presentation Software

  • PDF Editing

  • Documents Scanning



WPS Office- Free All-in-One Office Suite
  • Use Word, Excel, and PPT for FREE, No Ads.

  • Edit PDF files with the powerful PDF toolkit.

  • Microsoft-like interface. Easy to learn. 100% Compatibility.

  • Boost your productivity with WPS's abundant free Word, Excel, PPT, and CV templates.

5,820,008 User


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Affordable Services Offered by WPS Office

WPS Office is an office software suite that offers a lot of programs, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF editor, increasing the productivity of your work. It is rich in features, providing affordable services for a number of students.

1. Free use of Word, PPT, Spreadsheet, and PDF edit in the toolkit.

2. Unleashing efficient integration function of WPS AI.

3. Highly Functional Free Templates for programs including Word, PPT, and Excel.

4. Essential Tools integrated into the product.

5. Online Documents support multi-person editing.

6. Support Android, iOS, and Linux systems.

7. Compatible Interface with Microsoft Office.


1. Do universities pay for Microsoft Office?

There are a lot of universities that pay for Microsoft Office for its use at academic and professional levels. Arizona State University is the best enterprise technology that provides Microsoft Office access to all students for free.

Universities pay for Microsoft Office to get the premium version of it, and you can use ASU Word for free to create and edit your academic documents.

2. Is Microsoft Office 365 Free for Students?

Yes, all students can have free access to Microsoft Office 365, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, and other essential additional tools.

Many students can get free access to Microsoft Office 365 for free through their university email, but make sure that email is valid school email and easily accepted by Microsoft Office software.

3. How can I use Office 365 without paying?

You can use Microsoft Office 365 without paying by following these easy and quick steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Proceed to the official site of Microsoft Office:

Step 2: Consider the Sign U for the free version of Microsoft Office 365 option.

Step 3: You will be redirected to a new window, showing a box where you must add your email to sign up for free for Microsoft Office 365.

Step 4: You can now select the app you want to use and save the work in OneDrive.

4. Can I use Office 365 Free Offline?

Yes, you can easily use the Microsoft Office 365 free offline without any difficulty. What you need to do is first to download and install the Microsoft Office suite on your Mac, PC, or Android device. Login for free and can use all the features of Office 365 offline without an internet connection to create, edit, update, or share your documents.

5.  How necessary is having Microsoft Office 365 for students?

If you want to track good grades in studying your degree in a productive, professional, and perfect way, it is crucial to use Microsoft Office 365.

By using Microsoft Office 365, you can learn valuable skills to complete your assigned task in an efficient and organized way. Hence, Microsoft Office 365 and ASU Word have become a greater necessity for students.

Be On the Roll with WPS Office

Microsoft 365 is the latest and most reliable version of Microsoft Office suite, having multiple programs that can help you with home, school, and work-level tasks. Arizona State University provides all its students free access to Microsoft 365.

Once you learn how to log in and use Word with an ASU account, you can easily create and edit your academic documents in no time. With the help of ASU Word, you can learn valuable skills and work with great productivity.

On the other hand, the easiest approach that can provide you the best opportunity to access rich feature tools is the WPS Office – a credible alternative to the Microsoft Office suite. It is gaining popularity, especially among students having monthly active users of more than 494 million and over 1.2 billion installations.

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