A comprehensive PDF to PPT converter

July 31, 2023 3.3K views

PDF to PPT converters can be used to create presentations from PDFs that are compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, OpenOffice, Mac, Windows, or Google Slides. These converters can also be used to edit PDFs by adding or removing slides, editing text, or inserting images. In addition, PDF to PPT converters can compress PDF files to reduce file size, making it easier to share PDFs via email or social media. The converters are available as both pc software and online services. When choosing a PDF to PPT converter, it is important to consider features such as file compatibility, conversion quality, file security, and customer support.

The Top PDF to PPT Converter — WPS Office

PDF to PPT Converter of WPS Office is a PDF converter that allows you to convert PDFs into PowerPoint format (PPTX). PDF to PPT Converter is the first and only PDF converter that supports the conversion of PDFs into both PowerPoint and PDF/A formats. It preserves the original layout of your PDF, including pagination, fonts, colors, hyperlinks, and bookmarks. In addition, the Converter supports batch conversion, so you can convert multiple PDFs at once.

Here's a step-by-step guide to converting PDFs into PPTs:

1. Download and install WPS Office on your computer.

2. Open the PDF file in WPS Office.

3. Click on the Convert button in the top ribbon.

4. Select PPT as the output format.

5. Click on the Convert button to start the conversion process.

6. Once the conversion is finished, you can edit the PPT document as needed.

Benefits of Using WPS PDF Tools

You can also use WPS PDF Tools to merge multiple PDF files into one document or to split a PDF file into separate pages. Plus, you can password-protect your PDF files for extra security. WPS PDF Tools also includes a wide range of other features for working with PDFs, including the ability to split and merge PDFs, add images and text annotations, fill out PDF forms, and more.

Whether you're working on a business presentation or just trying to get your PDFs in order, WPS PDF Tools has the tools you need.

Features of WPS PDF to PPT Converter

WPS PDF to PPT Converter is one of the most popular PDF conversion software.

It enables you to quickly convert PDF files into PowerPoint presentations with high quality. The software is easy to use and has a wide range of features that allow you to customize your PDF presentations. In addition, the WPS PDF to PPT Converter is available for free for all users. With a free membership, you can access all the features of the software and convert an unlimited number of PDF files.


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