How to Crop a PDF Without Using Acrobat: A Comprehensive Guide

July 31, 2023 2.7K views

Knowing how to crop a PDF without Acrobat is significant when you need to remove unwanted margins or white space from a document. This can be useful for printing, sharing, or viewing PDFs on smaller screens. The main keywords for this task are "crop" and "PDF". Being familiar with this technique can save time and increase productivity.

How to Crop PDF without Acrobat

Step # 1: Open WPS Office and click on "Writer" to open the word processing program.

Step # 2: Click on "File" in the top left corner and select "Open" to locate the PDF document you want to crop.

Step # 3: Once the document is open, click on "Page Layout" in the top menu bar.

Step # 4: Select "Crop Pages" from the dropdown menu.

Step # 5: A new window will appear where you can adjust the margins by dragging the blue boxes around the edges of the page. You can also enter specific measurements in the boxes provided.

Step # 6: Once you're satisfied with the crop, click "OK" to apply the changes.

Step # 7: Save the cropped PDF by clicking on "File" and selecting "Save As." Choose the destination folder and rename the file if necessary.

Crop PDF without Acrobat Using WPS PDF Tools

WPS Office provides a simple and intuitive interface for cropping PDF documents without the need for Acrobat. It's a versatile tool that can be used on both desktop and mobile devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms. With support for popular web browsers like Chrome, Edge, Safari, Android Web, Firefox, and Opera, WPS Office makes it easy for users to crop PDF files quickly and efficiently.

Here are some PDF tools provided by WPS Office that can be used to crop PDF documents without Acrobat:

  1. WPS Writer - This word processing program offers a "Crop Pages" feature that allows you to adjust margins and crop your PDF document easily.

  2. WPS PDF to Word Converter - With this tool, you can convert your PDF to Word format, edit the document to remove any unwanted elements, and then save it as a new PDF file.

  3. WPS Office Online - This free online tool allows you to upload your PDF document and use the "Crop Pages" feature to adjust margins and crop the document as desired. You can then download the newly cropped PDF file to your device.

WPS Office offers both online and offline tools for cropping PDF documents without Acrobat. With support for a wide range of content types, including word, text, link, picture, image, and page, users can easily adjust margins and remove unwanted elements from their PDF files. While some advanced features may require a subscription, the basic cropping functionality is available for free.

Advantages of WPS PDF Tools

  1. User-friendly interface: WPS Office provides a simple and easy-to-use interface for cropping PDFs, making it accessible for users of all skill levels.

  2. Versatility: WPS Office tools can be used on a variety of devices and operating systems, including desktop and mobile platforms.

  3. Cost-effective: Unlike Acrobat, which requires a subscription, WPS Office provides basic cropping functionality for free.

  4. Multiple content types: WPS Office tools can handle a wide range of content types, including word, text, link, picture, image, and page.

  5. Efficiency: With WPS Office tools, users can quickly crop PDFs to remove unwanted elements and reduce file size, making it easier to share and upload online.

Tips to Crop PDF without Acrobat

Here are some tips for using WPS Office tools to crop PDFs without Acrobat:

  1. Preview the PDF before cropping: Take the time to preview the PDF document to identify the areas that need to be cropped. This will help ensure that you only remove the necessary elements.

  2. Use precise measurements: When adjusting margins, use precise measurements to ensure that the cropped PDF meets the required specifications. This is particularly important when working with documents that have specific page requirements.

  3. Save a copy of the original PDF: Before cropping the PDF, make sure to save a copy of the original document. This will allow you to revert back to the original version if needed.

FAQs on How to Crop PDF without Acrobat

1. Can I crop a PDF using the WPS Office mobile app?

Yes, WPS Office mobile app has a "Crop Pages" feature that allows you to crop PDFs.

2. Can I crop multiple pages at once using WPS Office tools?

Yes, WPS Office tools allow you to crop multiple pages at once using the "Crop Pages" feature.

Download WPS Office for a Free Trial

In conclusion, WPS Office provides a great alternative to Acrobat for cropping PDFs, offering user-friendly and versatile tools for adjusting margins and removing unwanted elements. With cost-effective and efficient functionality, it's a great choice for users of all skill levels. I recommend WPS Office for cropping PDFs without Acrobat due to its user-friendly interface, versatility, cost-effectiveness, multiple content types, and efficiency in removing unwanted elements.

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